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16 of 47 (34%) achievements earned:

Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 6:34pm

This Is The Start

Created a new driver in Career and signed your first contract
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 6:16pm

I'm Seasoned

Completed the first season
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 1:00am

Invite Only

Unlocked your first Career Invitational Event
Unlocked Nov 24 @ 7:18am

Mr Popular

Completed 10 Career Invitational Events
Unlocked Oct 11 @ 10:29am


Earned your first Career Accolade
Unlocked Oct 11 @ 1:29am

Snap Snap Snap

Taken a photo in photo mode
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 3:03pm

One-Man Show

Used 3 different custom car setups for a single car
Unlocked Nov 21 @ 4:13pm

Done One Online

Completed your first online race
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 6:38pm

Raving Rookie

Earned your Rookie License
Unlocked Dec 5 @ 10:26am

National Pride

Finished on the podium 50 times in a single drivers Career
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 7:11pm

Factory Driver

Completed the Factory Drives set of events for a single manufacturer
Unlocked Nov 12 @ 1:15pm

Brand Advocate

Became a Brand Advocate for a manufacturer
Unlocked Nov 7 @ 2:39am

Two Affinity And Beyond

Earned Affinity with two manufacturers
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 12:15pm

May I Ask You Something

Used the Race Engineer in Tuning Setup and made changes based off their recommendation.
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 3:00pm

I Want To Know Your Secret

Downloaded another players setup from within Time Trial.
Unlocked Oct 12 @ 8:41pm

Rest On Your Laurels

Won your first Championship.

One More For The Road

Earned all other achievements

Get That Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Successfully completed a Rallycross season

Best Indy World

Became an Indycar Champion

Winter Soldier

Drove a clean lap around the Nordschleife in the snow, in less than 8 minutes

Advanced Experience

Completed an event in a Mercedes car at the Mercedes-Benz Driving Events Ice Track 2

Hunting For Grip

Drove a clean lap around Fuji in Storm conditions, in a time less than 2 minutes

No Man's Fly

Did a Rallycross jump longer than 20 metres

All Year Round

Completed a race around a single circuit in all 4 seasons


Completed a Championship in every Motorsport discipline within Career

The Milk Man

Won a full distance (200 Laps) Indy 500 race

Viva Ferrari

Drove 4 Ferrari cars, around Imola

Car Zero

Raced for 4 laps in the Lamborghini Veneno around Red Bull Ring GP

Straight Six

Drove a Porsche 911 GT1-98 at 24 Hours of Le Mans Circuit for 24 minutes at 60x time progression.

Strategic Mind

Created a pit strategy and then used it when coming into the pits

Results Are In, You're Clean!

Finished 1st in an online race over 5 laps without making contact

Gimme 50!

Earned 50 Accolades

No Longer a Rookie

Earned your Amateur License

Definitely Not a Rookie

Earned your Pro-Am License

I'm a Pro

Earned your Pro License

Seen It All

Earned your Veteran License

Zero to Hero

Completed the Zero to Hero lifetime goal (start in Tier 6 and go on to win a Tier 1 Championship)

Twice At The Top

Won two different Tier 1 Motorsports

Jack Of All Trades

Won three Championships in three different Motorsport disciplines

Triple Crown

Won the Indy 500, Le Mans 24 Hours and Azure Circuit Grand Prix

Hall of Fame

Earned four Lifetime Goals

Cream Of The Crop

Won all Factory Drive events for 3 manufacturers

Manual All The Way

Completed a successful pit stop with manual control

What's Yours Is Mine

Saved a car setup received from a friend

I'm Just Here To Watch

Joined an in-progress online race as a spectator

The Director

Used the Director mode for a full race

Safety First

Earnt a B Online Reputation Safety Grade.