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Dead by Daylight
Welcome to my Profile!
Feel free to browse! Oh and if you came here because you're salty, please feel welcome to leave a comment down below. I like to collect salty comments. If you're bored, read through them! They're kinda funny.

Don't forget to stay positive! Life is better with a little bit of positivity [+]
I got over it :)


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Deon 22 小時以前 
gets very heated over a video game, probably compensating for his lack of social interaction
Lubey 23 小時以前 
-rep ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Kenny Rogersツ 1 月 17 日 下午 6:35 
-rep honestly just kinda bad at the game
Ericc 1 月 13 日 下午 1:49 
wait did you just quit a game because you forgot a mori
SKTQT 1 月 13 日 上午 12:51 
Very angry boyo. Will bring ebony mori then insult you post game.
Kertaita 1 月 6 日 下午 3:00 
irrelevant baddie thinks hes someone for tunneling LOL i had to laugh