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At World’s End

You started playing Episode 1: "Aftermath"

At Episode’s End

You completed Episode 1: "Aftermath"

Dishonesty is the Best Policy?

You chose to lie to Silas.

Simmer Down

You successfully averted a crisis.

Hostile Work Environment

You were THIS close to averting a crisis… or six. Maybe next time.

Master of None

You chose Mia’s area of expertise.

We're gonna need to see some identification

You found an ID card on your way to solving a crisis.

Big Bada Boom!

You triggered the explosion on your first try.

The Fast and The Studious

You successfully averted a crisis in less than ten minutes.

I've Got a Bad Feeling About This

As Donnie, you gained access to Ark-01.

Then You Better Make It Count

You saw someone get sent to their doom.


Your chilled approach to problem-solving is admirable.

Into the Storm

Your route to the tower includes a significant diversion.

With Great Power…

You successfully helped Randolph accomplish his task.


You successfully escaped a sticky situation on your first try.

Fan Service

You successfully helped Donnie accomplish his task.

Home Improvement

You’ve enabled everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.

Donald Thump

You saw Donnie express his right to protest.

Great Kid, Don’t Get Cocky

You helped Randolph without making a single mistake.

Once More Into the Fray

You reached your destination, but the journey is far from over.

Today's Your Lucky Day

The world may be about to end, but at least you're not alone.

A Spoonful of Sugar

...helps the medicine go down.

The Patients of a Saint

You saved a life by administering emergency first aid.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Sometimes, you can be too clean.

Two's Company

You gained Level 2 Security Clearance.

Three's a Crowd

You gained Level 3 Security Clearance.

Four's a Party

You gained Level 4 Security Clearance.


You found artifacts of a previous civilization.

20th Century Box

You refused to be boxed in.

Out of the Frying Pan

You completed Episode 3: "What Lies Beneath"

Twisted Firestarter

You discovered the clues as to how the inferno was caused.

Trial by Fire

You helped Mia to survive the inferno.

Get Your Sneak On

You helped Donnie and Randolph discover a new path.


You survived your encounter with a disgruntled colleague.


You found all the possessions of a missing person.

On the Right Track

You found a way to travel in style.

Better Safe Than Silas

You helped Mia find sanctuary.

Patriotic Persistence

If at first you don't succeed, try try try try again.

Friend or Foe?

You had a most curious conversation.

Open Sesame

You completed Episode 4: "Cerberus"

Blast from the Past

You saw Donnie begin his last day on the job.

Due Diligence

You made Donnie check everything possible while in the Descendant Chambers of both Arks.

That'll Leave a Mark

They made their choices. You made yours.

Less than Twelve Parsecs

When seeking Donnie, your route was pretty much flawless.

Enemy of the State

The final janitor of Ark-01 became a threat to the descendants.

Lethal Protector

The final janitor of Ark-01 removed a threat to the descendants.

Humanity's Finest

The final janitor of Ark-01 refused to let anyone else die.

Ark Angel

You prevented every avoidable descendant death across all episodes of THE DESCENDANT.

Employee of the Year

You unlocked every achievement across all episodes of THE DESCENDANT.

The New World

You completed Episode 5: "Ultimatum"