fakink bish   Russian Federation
Im a Na'Vi fan and my fav player is s1mple.:csgoct::csgocross::csgoglobe::csgoglobe:
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Cyka blyat
ShouldMan Jul 9 @ 3:59pm 
СПС Браток)))
sooqa Jun 29 @ 9:20am 
yes good and normal answer
Pyromaniac Jun 29 @ 8:48am 
Oh I only hate russians who support dictator putin, russians who think they are above the rest of the world and of course the majority of russian gamers because of the way they "play" most of the games. Well and it is fact that most russians fit into one (or more..) of these categories. I dont hate russians who dont belong in one of these categories (with some exeptions of course) because I dont hate you automatically just because "you are russian" (one of the things most russians just dont understand..). I give a fuck about you/them just like I give a fuck about the other tards.

Hopefully this answers your question (was it even a question or just random words from you?) so we dont have to communicate ever again

lol =)
✪ UMUD Jun 9 @ 11:10pm 
+rep good player
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