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Personal Achievements

At least someone is happy

Make one spirit reach the ecstatic mood at least once
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 7:35pm

Monkey 101

Complete one errand for Francis
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 9:21pm

More Than 15%

Give Furogawa Tour's guide a tip
Unlocked Sep 15 @ 9:18pm


Complete all collections

The more, the merrier

Make 5 spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once

The happy dance

Make all spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once

The Acrobat

Activate all the shrines

Decked out

Build all houses and stations at least once on the boat


Bring all releasable spirits to the Everdoor

Master Chef

Discover all recipes

Twelve Monkeys

Complete twelve errands for Francis

Monkey Business

Complete thirty errands for Francis

Dad Mode

Endure 10 of Albert's jokes

Public Transportation

Use Alex's bus stops 50 times

Everything is Illuminated

Light up all Lighthouses

Sheep Ranger

Find and shelter all sheep

Sheep Cleaner

Shear sheep at least 50 times


Collect all figureheads

Food Delivery

Sign up to Feedorama


Unsubscribe from Feedorama

Dating Coach

Give a dating advice

Big Spender

Buy at least 100 items from Raccoon Inc

Taking Out The Trash

Sell at least 200 items

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