Leonardo Berti 🔴 Solo Nobre, Novo Solo
Spreading Managed Democracy since 2012!

So. I am an 18 years old guy who lives in Italy (Or Solo Nobre if you prefer).
I am overly a friendly person, but it's very easy not to like me.

What I Like

Oh, there's a lot of stuff here.
i basically grew up with them and even took some time to play some old gems i could not play because i wasn't born yet. It's hard to tell what game is my true favourite, because i think every game has it's personality. But if i truly squeeze my mind, i'd say the XCOM series (Especially UFO Defense, boy that was lit), the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, HELLDIVERS (One of the best coop games i've ever played) and finally Brigador. You should check them out.


Of all kinds, but you'll find me hardly interested in past and medieval stuff. WW1 and later is the way.
Guns, vehicles, planes, ships, you name it, i gotcha.
I love military simulation, and you will also find me very interested in discussing Near Future and Sci-Fi tech.
I dream of owning my own disarmed APC or IFV... i know it's possible!

Science, History and Informatics

I am currently studying informatics, learning how to code. But i also study science out of my own will. I truly love science, and that's why you find me interested in Sci-Fi.

Before Adding

I am usually friendly, but seriously, don't add me if you're offended by the following:

-I dislike furries. Yes i won't tell you to get the hell out for no reason, I'll still give you a chance, but not if you start swinging that bullshit like a flag. I have a few furry friends but come on.
-Edgy and emo people, no, you're not getting a chance. Go away please, i had enough business with you.
-If you're religious, be advised that i am not, and i only believe in science pretty much.
- I am not usually racist (Unless i'm memeing or joking).
- I don't like RPs. Unless you are making a realistic military/political RP count me out. I had enough bs in RPs. They're beyond salvation.

Currently In-Game
Star Control: Origins
More Information

CPU: Intel Core i5-8400 2.80-4.00 Ghz
GPU: Gigabyte RTX2070 8GB
RAM: 2x4096MB DDR4 Ballistix Sport
PSU: Corsair RM850x

Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Mouse: Trust GXT31
Headset: hp OMEN 800


-Brigador Up-Armored Edition:
Solo Nobre completed, Oxybeles (Thunderclap,Preacher), Antero Giian.

-FTL: Faster Than Light
All ships unlocked with every layout, except Engi Cruiser type C, ~1200 hrs played.

-XCOM: Ufo Defense:
Game beaten on Superhuman difficulty and on Genius + IronMan ON, ~950 hrs played

Game beaten on max difficulty with Iron Man mode activated, ~200 hrs played

-Door Kickers Action Squad:
Reached top 2 for a month during March 2018.

-Fallout: New Vegas:
Game beaten on hard mode, all uniques, all snow globes found, all weapons obtained. ~750 hrs played + 400 on XBOX 360.

-Fallout 3:
Game beaten on max difficulty, all uniques, all Bobbleheads found. ~670 hrs played on XBOX 360.

-Fallout 2:
Game beaten on max difficulty, ~100 hrs played, non-steam version.

-Galaxy On Fire 2:
Game beaten on max difficulty, all ships in Kaamo club (including all DLC), all weapons, all upgrades, one of each commodity. ~300 hrs played on Android.

-Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Reached rank "Master Guardian", participated in Operation Wildfire

-STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Game beaten on max difficulty, all endings reached, ~400 hrs played.

Max level reached, all weapons and equipment unlocked, ~170 hrs played on XBOX 360.

-Battlefield 3
Max level reached, all weapons and equipment unlocked, all camos unlocked.
~290 hrs played on XBOX 360

-No Man's Sky
Largest Freighter bought, Class S Fighter, Shuttle, Cargo ship and Explorer bought, class S max slots rifle multitool.
~1500 hrs played.

-Codename: Panzers Phase One
Game beaten on max difficulty,
~90 hrs played. Non-Steam Version

-Codename: Panzers Phase Two
Game beaten on max difficulty,
~140 hrs played. Non-Steam Version

Center of the Galaxy reached,
~200 hrs played.

All equipment unlocked, beaten all three bosses.

-Riste Of Nations Gold
All "conquer the world" campaigns completed on max difficulty,
~300 hrs played.

Those guys are some really good people i met on steam. Don't ask me to add you here, or your chances will drastically decrease. Those people honestly DESERVE it. The guys i'm going to name are not people i met yesterday, some of them i've been knowing for over a year. I've spent hours talking or playing with these people. They can be just play mates or true friends.

First of all, this guy .
Lioxin is a VERY nice person. I did not play as much as i wanted to with him... But he is always there when i need help, i seriously owe him a lot, i can honestly say that he is in fact my best friend here on Steam. He's very polite and always willing to help me out or simply talk. You have my infinite gratitute.

Clsoe IRL friend ,
bit om the weird side. But i am not one to judge, am i?

I have to mention this guy right here. I've played a lot with him and his friend.
They are two very nice guys that i had a lot of fun playing with, and i think they deserve a place in my Hall.

Also, Timo is another guy i play a lot with and that i consider worthy of being on my hall. Overall he's nice and jokes a lot.

This mate right here
is the person who introduced me to modding. He actually took the time to
teach me how to code in JSON and my still-in-development Starbound mod would have never been a reality if he was not here with me. Thanks, man.

My wingman.
Always there when the bogies are on my tail, always there bringing the AAMs to the party.
Jokes aside, very nice guy and also another modder that i love to talk with.
We both absolutely love planes, so you can see it's a friendship bound to happen.

Heres another guy that i played with a lot. He's a very nice and funny guy, also quite skilled. Definitely earned his place in this Hall of Fame of mine. He's just too
mush of a friend to not be here ;).
Let's hope he doesn't kill me for that joke.

And finally,
This crazy serbian.
He's racist, white supremacist, maybe a nazi, possibly going to shoot up a school, makes terrible jokes, likes guns, likes politics and has a funny accent.
He also has some negative aspects, just so you know.


Yep, not everyone can be a winner, and we can all agree there's more "bad" than "good" in this world. A place to remember some rather uncool people.

This guy decided that it was very cool to create an arma group for all of us to play together, be all nice friends and then decided to bail after he had enough. Actions have consequences, you said it yourself. Your name will be forever remembered in this profile.

:NATO: That's it! :NATO:

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