John   Kaysville, Utah, United States
An idiot who plays TF2, Terraria, and a few other indie titles.

And no. Just because I have Collectors, Unusuals, and Australiums doesn't mean I'm good. I'm the most average casual player you'll ever see.

currently looking for a strange Roboactive all-class hat. HMU if you have something like that.
Soundsmith (But Black) 20. nov. kl. 13:27 
1 word wow
pootis᠌᠌ 3. nov. kl. 15:31 
We carry out large-scale free distribution of TF2 items!
This month, for this purpose, a collection of unusual !
Unusual Merc's Mohawk - Unusual Effect: Burning Flames
Unusual Killer Exclusive - Unusual Effect: Scorching Flames
76561198255971078 Steam ID was chosen.
Contact the chat support in order for you to be sent one of the items!
flarez - no sound 24. okt. kl. 15:26 
I wanna buy that voodoo vizier for pure as well
Mate im Lilfuego and i wanted to trade your voodoo vizier with pure keys ! Please accept and we can talk :3 im a collector !~
Epicc | | 6. okt. kl. 20:18 
Hey man wondering if I can offer you a trade
Goku Utestengt fra byttehandel 17. sep. kl. 20:46 
Added to offer some of your items.