SoundSmith (but pink)
John   Kaysville, Utah, United States
An idiot who plays TF2, Terraria, and a few other indie titles. And no. Just because I have Stranges, Unusuals, and Australiums doesn't mean I'm good. I'm the most average casual player you'll ever see
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added to negotiate on the fifth dimension voodoo vizier you have, looking to buy one to wear so checking all owners if anyone is willing to sell theirs for a reasonable price..
Mate im Lilfuego and i wanted to trade your voodoo vizier with pure keys ! Please accept and we can talk :3 im a collector !~
Epicc Oct 6 @ 8:18pm 
Hey man wondering if I can offer you a trade
Goku Trade Banned Sep 17 @ 8:46pm 
Added to offer some of your items.
Radio Helltower Sep 1 @ 4:17pm 
+rep to this spooky fellow
Niko Bellic Jun 30 @ 12:56am 
+rep also, thanks for helping me learn to MG, etc. :):steamhappy: