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plutonashfan666 May 20 @ 8:25am 
epic poem
dont trust the dmt elves May 20 @ 6:08am 
Not from this anger, anticlimax after
Refusal struck her loin and the lame flower
Bent like a beast to lap the singular floods
In a land strapped by hunger
Shall she receive a bellyful of weeds
And bear those tendril hands I touch across
The agonized, two seas.
Behind my head a square of sky sags over
The circular smile tossed from lover to lover
And the golden ball spins out of the skies;
Not from this anger after
Refusal struck like a bell under water
Shall her smile breed that mouth, behind the mirror,
That burns along my eyes.
plutonashfan666 Jan 30 @ 11:07am 
mad because you got owned retard
[ᴛᴀ]🌀Harvey🌀 Jan 29 @ 6:42pm 
[ᴛᴀ]🌀Harvey🌀 Jan 29 @ 6:42pm 
[ᴛᴀ]🌀Harvey🌀 Jan 29 @ 6:42pm