Johnny Elliott   Greece
Close to Never - CSGO Frag Movie 2017

Here Comes the Night - CSGO Edit 2017
One of the last original old school players started in beta 1 in 1999. Yes, i'm old.. used to be a ESEA instructor and professional gamer for Quake & Counter-Strike. I'm currently located in Chicago, IL. I represented multiple sponsors such as : Nvidia, Intel, Shuttle, SteelSeries, Razor, Logitech, and Microsoft.

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Aliases over the years:

Quake 3 teams:

Tdm: cK, HSE,
ra3 : cK, HSE, =TOP=, iii
Quake 4 teams:


Won first season of CAL Quake 4.
Won first season of CAL INVITE Quake 4.
Top 12 WSVG LANwar Kentucky 2006
Counter-Strike Teams:

[LAN] [WEW] Talent u5 |a*| [$iK] eU [MLR] c][c

I have won countless invite leagues and tournaments some I still remember :

Talent won a bunch of local Chicago lans
c][c Covert Chaos, CPL Winter 2003 20th Place DQ'd( X3|Fontana,EG #1MUG,HATE,X3|BigDog,ME) We got DQed b/c Ray Bigdog pee'd in a Gatorade bottle in the corner of the tournament area lol.
1st @ Sundogs LAN w/ violence (twizzy, predator, devo, thrice, ME)
24th @ CPL Dallas w/ violence (predator, thrice, devo, lefteye, ME)


"Ah, alright. ^_^ I just wanted to say that those lessons payed off. I am much better with an AK with two shot bursts...spray practice you showed me helped alot, I can handle spraying without going everywhere now."
-Unlimit (Counter-Strike 1.6)

"Your lessons are well worth it very detailed and organized. They really paid off as far as teaching aiming, burst fireing , player controlled spray, as well going over some in game thinking!"
-WhiteyWong infamous5 (Counter-Strike 1.6)
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