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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:13pm

One Final Offer...

Accept Ripburger's Final Offer
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:21pm

Not Puttin' My Lips on That

Keep Your Lips Off of 10 Objects
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:23pm

Ring Pull

Get your keys from the bartender
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:25pm

A-Number One Polecat Honcho

Take Out the first Rottwheeler
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:35pm

Minking Memories

Check out the photo of Uncle Pete
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:31pm

Know Mo

Finish all of Mo's initial dialog
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:42pm

Trailer Trashed

Kick in the trailer door
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:38pm

Carry the Torch

Retrieve Mo's welding torch
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:50pm

Not So Tough After All

Pick the lock to the tower
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:52pm

Annoyed Floyd

Hide From Floyd
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:16pm

OK, I'll Put My Lips on That

Siphon gas from Floyd
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:14pm

Right in the Junk

Recover the forks from the junk yard
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:46pm

Unnatural Causes

Listen to Malcolm's last words
Unlocked Jan 5 @ 10:12am

A New Hope

Grab the Fake ID from Miranda
Unlocked Jan 5 @ 10:20am

Hard Tale

Look at the pic of Maureen and Malcom fixing hard tail
Unlocked Jan 5 @ 10:23am


Get a hose to fix your bike
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 6:10am

Torque Talk

Consume Father Torque's wisdom
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 1:08pm


Use the fertilizer to spin out Nestor and Bolus
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 12:11pm

A Fistful of Fertilizer

Get the chainsaw with the fertilizer
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 12:22pm


Use the Cavefish goggles to locate their lair
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 12:30pm

The Spirit of Ricky Myran

Escape with Ricky's ramp
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 1:14pm

Pure Evel

Launch over Poyahoga Gorge
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 10:04am

Invasion of the Bunny Snatcher

Snatch the bunny
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 10:01am

Pull a Fast One

Get the battery from the minefield
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 9:33am

Hare Trigger

Sacrifice bunnies to get through the minefield
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 9:35am

Taut a Lesson

Talk your way out of getting quartered
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:05am

What A Pain Threshold!

Make the Boom Boom Bros go boom
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 9:46am


Kick the crack to open the secret passage
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:26am

Burger Melt

Melt Ripburger's vision of the future
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:33am

Rabbit Ragu

Dice a rabbit in the engine fan
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:37am

Now Boarding

Get Ripburger into the plane
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:42am

Can't Beat a Corley

Send up a gorge-ous death for Ripburger
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:58am

Thank No Cats

Watch the bunnies overtake the credits
Unlocked Jan 5 @ 9:55am

Burn-In Rubber

Save your screen from burn-in with 3D animated vehicles

Full Throttle

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