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A wasteland of Joy, mutants and desperate fiends. A tale of love, abuse and loyalty.

You play the part of Brad, a broken man known as an accomplished martial arts instructor, deeply tormented by grief and abuse.
Your life changes the day one of your drugged up afternoons are interrupted by a baby girl lying on the ground in front of you - a seemingly impossible event in a ruined world inhabited solely freaks and deranged men. The future of humanity is now literally in your hands and you will be forced to go to great length and make crushing choices to protect it.
Who will you be at the end of all of this?

The story, writing and soundtrack are the absolute highlights of this tale. Many of the tracks from the soundtrack stand on their own, even outside of the context of the game. The dialogue is impressive, moving from pitch black darkness to absolute hilarity with ease. The disturbing visuals adds greatly to the experience. The aesthetic looks like something Ralph Steadman would conjure up if he was less talented and into pixel art.

It is not without flaws, however. The game has some mechanical issues of major proportions and the limitations of the game engine are often apparent. It's not bad enough to detract from an incredible experience but one can't help but wonder what the game would play like with a bigger budget and a custom engine.

LISA is definitely not for everyone. If it is for you however - and if you read this far it quite possibly is - you will laugh, be disgusted, get angry and maybe even shed a tear or two when you experience this piece of art. It will make you feel something and that's a rare thing in gaming.

Seriously recommended.