Jockey   Manitoba, Canada
By the time you read this, I'm done with trading. If you're still adding because of it, don't bother.
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Just Jockster by few selected friends that I met.
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Decal Collection: Update 01
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Zanamaoria 30.6. kello 15.49 
Hey jockster lets trade underpants
Evil Cat 25.1.2019 kello 3.14 
Yo, was the problem with ur pc the psu?
Quantex buying Backpacks : ) 20.2.2018 kello 22.03 
Saw that you quit tf2. I will do a offer on all your items if interested.
GmanSir™ 21.12.2015 kello 18.54 
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mizurush 17.8.2015 kello 1.05 
GG no re.
♡StacyScene♡ 10.6.2015 kello 13.29 
What happened with you and Chatoic x3