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Promo, Your annoying as fuck and message me at the worst times jfc.
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murphy: ayy b0ss
murphy: gib de pusi
monty: fuk u
monty: fite me at lan
murphy: ☐ yes way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man ☑ no way man

MSgt. M. Speirs [508th PIR]-1PS-: youre like a god to me man
MSgt. M. Speirs [508th PIR]-1PS-: howd you get so good?

lazaro: YO
lazaro: PCD NERD

murphy: I envy people who haven't met you.
Snuggs: hella agressive
Snuggs: i envy your dad
Snuggs: for leaving you
murphy: LOL
Snuggs: and never getting to know you

lazaro: murphy snipe against me in a 12
lazaro: ez
murphy: EZ
murphy: ur a bot compared to me.

E. Phoenix: watch it
E. Phoenix: HighSchool DxD
E. Phoenix: if you're into that harem and ecchi shit
E. Phoenix: trust
E. Phoenix: its good
murphy: nigga
E. Phoenix: dawg i came to some episodes a few times
murphy: LMFAOOO
E. Phoenix: Just between me and you
E. Phoenix: i would precum
E. Phoenix: to it

Pfc. F. Yoo [1st ID]: i hope you like small pepe
murphy: ur mom does
Pfc. F. Yoo [1st ID]: well yeah we fuck

AzNDaWg: Few reasons why i rather be short and small I can fit in females clothes

Eli: is my SEX
Eli: i am SEX
Eli: fuyck my BUTT
Eli: i want your COCK
Eli: in my mouth

sheffer: hot
sheffer: i like that
sheffer: fucking lolicon
sheffer: yes
sheffer: child porn
sheffer: fuck yes
sheffer: jesus christ
sheffer: tiny tits

6:16 PM - Georgette Lemare: you gonna lick my foot
6:17 PM - ·murphy: nice
6:17 PM - Georgette Lemare: hehe~
6:17 PM - Georgette Lemare: start licking now

11:28 PM - E. Phoenix: that nigga thinks hes special
11:28 PM - E. Phoenix: I mean hes special ed

9:00 PM - Snuggs: same
9:00 PM - murphy: damn wtf
9:00 PM - Snuggs: thats why i fuck my brother
9:00 PM - Snuggs: what
9:00 PM - Snuggs: wtf
9:00 PM - Snuggs: who typed that

8:50 AM - promo!: fuk u Murphy I only get picked on by u

10:11 PM - E. Phoenix: Unlike Cisco
10:11 PM - E. Phoenix: nigga be smelling my arm
10:11 PM - E. Phoenix: That shit was gay as fuck bro

10:48 PM - ^4ShockeM: oh jesus
10:48 PM - ^4ShockeM: its a fucking trap
10:48 PM - ^4ShockeM: jesus fuck

1:38 AM - Eli: sorry your rp is getting a little too real 4 me i dont want to kill myself tonight

8:16 AM - murphy: ur welcome
8:17 AM - murphy: no need to thank me
8:18 AM - Promo~! IDLE LORD: Don't be linking me this shit
8:18 AM - Promo~! IDLE LORD: This is NOT okay
8:18 AM - Promo~! IDLE LORD: Isn't ntr just old dudes banging ur waifu
8:19 AM - Promo~! IDLE LORD: Freak!!

2:26 PM - murphy: its the first time that you;ve held a convo to this length, so take your time.
2:26 PM - promo: alright dude keep on shitting on me
2:26 PM - promo: im going to bed

11:49 PM - Snuggs: your still alive smh
11:49 PM - murphy: who are you again?
11:50 PM - Snuggs: im gone for a month and your still breathing why is that
11:50 PM - Snuggs: thought your dumbass would of took your self out by now

1:10 AM - jump xoxo♥ (2): love you
1:10 AM - jump xoxo♥ (2): sike fag
1:10 AM - murphy: wow
1:10 AM - jump xoxo♥ (2): fuck yourself

1:19 AM - jump xoxo♥ (2): im gonna unfriend you
1:19 AM - jump xoxo♥ (2): you fucking bully


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dude is a queer
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Top 5 laundry detergents

1. Tide
2. Bounty
3. Oxiclean
4. homemade
5. Off-brand dollar-store detergent 
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refined and exquisite taste
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Promo, Your annoying as fuck and message me at the worst times jfc.
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