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Rocket League addiction level:

- Not an addict
- Okay, just fine
- Getting there
- In denial
- Addict
- Hundreds of games, playing Rocket League only.
- Really Bad
- Really Really BAD
- >> NO LIFE <<

Gaming Rig
CPU: Intel Core i7 4790k Devils' Canyon
GPU: Radeon Sapphire HD 7870
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB x2 DDR3
MOB: MSI Z97 Gaming 5
PSU: RaidMaxx 700AC
SSD: Transcend 120GB
HDD: WD Black 2TB
HDD: WD Blue 750GB
AIO: DeepCool Maelstrom 240
CSE: Aerocool Strike X Xtreme Devil Red Edition
KB: Generic
Mouse: Generic, wireless
Mousepad: HyperX
Controllers: 2 Razer Sabertooth, 1 Wireless Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller
AI: Komplete Audio 6
Monitor: Toshiba, 1080p/Full HD, HP touchscreen 1080p/Full HD
Headsets: Kingston HyperX Cloud II (yes, with mic), Superlux HD 330 (without mic)

So, about my gaming.

As much as possible. I don't like to write a review for a game unless I've finished at least 1 playthrough of it.

I've let go of being a completionist before making an account on steam, so if you think my reviews doesn't have "real weight" when you countercheck it with it's relevant trophies/achievements, that's your opinion. In time, you'll let go of that mentality anyway. For me, trophies/achievements kind of spoil the fun in a game so i don't bind myself to it anymore.

I've been playing videogames since I've discovered DOS games on windows 95 so i guess that's a little integrity for my tastes when i do reviews.

I like console and PC games alike. I don't care about the divide on which is better. Good games are good games no matter what platform. Great games are great games just as poorly made games are bad games.

I really like the steam curator "It's shit". I reeeeaaallyy like how they're brutally honest. Sometimes though, it's hard to say from their reviews if they're recommending the game or not. :(

Lastly, I've taken this idea from another steam profile. But I won't accept/add people to be in my friends list that has setup their account as private. If your profile is sketchy, i won't accept it too. Sorry.

Good vibes and happy gaming everyone! :)

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