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This bot allows you to do price checks for items that you can buy from me.

Bot is under testing, please let me know if you see something that is priced way off.

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How to use the bot?
1. Add the bot.
2. Chat with the bot, !help command to see the list of commands available.

Bot Features

!rates | shows the current rates for keys and polygon coins

!sell | show a list of items that i am buying

!pc - checks the price for items. example: !pc m9 bayonet doppler fn

!pcno - check the price for items, stattrak items will be excluded. example: !pcno m9 Doppler fn

!budget - finds items within a budget. example: !budget 300, !budget 300 karambit, !budget 300 gloves

!budgetno - find non-st items within a budget. example: !budgetno 300, !budgetno 300 karambit

!owner - shows my owner

Unable to add the bot as friend due to account limitation?

Leave a comment below so I can add you instead!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do we deal? Do you do meetups?

Payment can be done via IBanking/Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer, no meetups.

I don't have IBanking/ATM Card, can I still do cash deposit?

Yes, you can still do cash deposit without bank account/atm card.

Can I do trade my knife + cash for your items?

Yes, if you value your item 64% Steam Market.

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