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Posted: Jan 21, 2015 @ 2:30pm
Updated: Sep 26, 2017 @ 2:58pm

After putting 3,500 hours and ~$200 into this game I think it's safe to say I love this game. It has its flaws and it has its perks but overall it's a gret game that is easy to put a couple hundred hours into before you can even start to get bored.

Free game ---- mostly (see cons)

Different ways to play;
It's one of those games where everytime you play will be different. 16 different (official) gamemodes with 100+ (official) maps combined with 9 classes, a seemingly endless wepon combinations for every class AND 24 of those classes in a full match provide a unique game every single time you queue up (provided you select all the gamemodes/maps). Add in community servers and you have almost endless maps, even more weapons in custom servers, up to 32 max players, even more gamemodes/spinoffs and you will never play the same game twice.

Total customization;
From weapons to servers, hats with or without effects, mods and more! Tf2 has it all! You can do it the long way and slowly trade up for your characters outfits or spending even a small $2.49 (~$1.90 if you buy from a person) will get you a key that can buy almost 28 outfits which have no impact on your preformance (unless you get the invasion set and find yourself in a 1v1 against another person wearing that set, but nobody really wears those anyway).The best part about the customization is how optional it is. Don't care how you look? Good on you! People will underestimate you if you're actually good at the game making it even easier to suprise a soldier by airblasting his crocket back into his smug face that you can't see under all his unusual effects.

Need a break from the action? Too many duplicate weapons? Really want to get that cool hat you saw someone wearing? Trading is for you! Visit a trade server or use a trading website/bot (backpack.tf or scrap.tf are the largest) and you can turn those spare weapons into cold hard metal. That metal can then be traded for a (few) nice new hat(s) that will make all the ladies swoon over your now mis-matched loadout. Trading is a great way for players who've put in the hours to get rewarded. Every other week I can get myself a something something with the ref of weapon drops I get which is pretty nifty.

Another pass time if you get tired of killing, these two communities are great and will glady help you learn the basics. You can spend hours doing one or the other and once you "git gud" you'll be pulling off some sick speedruns that will make your mom proud.

This game runs on almost anything, provided you put in a little bit of work. You might not reach that glorious 60 fps on everything but even my potato laptop from 2013 (AMD E-300 apu 1300Mhz 2 cores, 16gb memory, and windows 8 64 bit) can still manage a playable 16-30 fps on older maps (newer maps might give some trouble for older computers such as mine, I think the amount of optimization mappers use has decreased over the years but just a guess, the new maps definitely look better).

Not 100% f2p (although what game is now-a-days)
If you want a good mvm experience you will likely have to shell out $1 to play mann up, unless you got a ticket from smissmiss that one year or can get 6 friends to queue up in boot camp. On the other side you can play through full missions and keep the ticket as long as you leave before the end of the last wave (if you get loot then you lose the ticket).
If you want contracts outside halloween during events you will also need at least ~$5 for the discounted ticket near the end of the event or ~$10 at the start.
The last thing you would have to pay for is trading/backpack space. Unless you buy something from the mann co store, all your drops will be untradeable so starting to trade will require one nice soul to trade you something that you will then have to trade up. This can be easily solved by spending $0.49 on a cheap weapon, however as most people will tell you that is stupid. Paying 50 cents more ($0.99 total) will give you a tour of duty ticket which as previously mentioned will let you play mvm with good teams (mostly) OR you can trade it for around half a key in metal which can buy you almost all (if not all) the non-reskinned weapons. With that purchase you will also get access to paint/hat/tag drops (very rare), 6 pages of backpack slots, and a snazzy cap. All your previous drops will become tradeable (provided they don't say untradeable in the in-game description) and you get access to all the crafting stuff.

VAC ain't perfect and it never will be. My hacker experience is as follows: 1-3 hackers across 10-20 casual games that usually get kicked after 10-20 min of obvious hacking (otherwise they will likely stay there until they decide to leave), multiple hackers in 4/5 comp games, and 1 hacker every 100 games on community servers which are then promptly banned or kicked because votekick is available to both teams, their staff is notified and quickly responds, or smac bans them after they start LMAO box spamming.

Team balance in casual;
It doesn't exist. The current system requires players (usually from the winning side) to volunteer to join the other team. This can cause 12v3 matches when the losing team is filled with rage-quits and no one on the winning team wants to get off their high horse for a challenge. Oh and it won't take anyone queueing for a game unless enough time has passed and there is enough players to get the round to at least a 9v9 (my experience). The old system, still in place on some community servers, simply moved a random player over as needed.
In addition to not balancing number wise, it also does not match skill-wise. Sometimes you might get a match with 6 red medals (highest rank) and 6 pink medals (2nd highest) against 10 light blues (starting ranks) and 2 purples (mid-rank). This will often lead to the previously mentioned 12v3 situation where only the purples and an alt account stay after all the other new players get tired of being rolled.
Finally there are no placement matches. This is the one that I laugh at the most. Someone like myself, who played only on community servers for 2500+ hours finally goes to try casual out and gets put as the lowest rank. This can lead to snotty higher ranks on your team looking down on and (rarely) trying to kick you. On the other side, the high ranked enemy team players will start to rage at a noob destroying them and call hacks on you (not everyone does this but it did happen, especially since I did not wear cosmetics and I got a good laugh out of it). The lack of placement matches might also be the reasoning behind the imbalance mentioned in the previous paragraph.

It's the internet ffs, did you really not expect this? As an online community, this place will of course have its share of toxic or annoying players. If you haven't played yet, the following is who you will likely meet at least one of: hackers, spamming hackers, bind spammers, glitch abusers, racists, scammers, egoists, mic spammers (music, ear rape, breathing, voice changers, role plays, etc...), that one player who will kick you for going sniper or pyro in mvm (if you went spy you probably deserved it), that one player who will kick you for going against the meta IN BOOT CAMP, a high tour mvm group of 3 who will leave if you lose once (even if it's near the end) which will cause the matchmaking to ignore your server for some reason and you will all have to leave or try to play with 3 people, the 12 year old who thinks he's hot stuff but sucks ass and will cry in mic when he dies, and finally people who can't take a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ joke and will try to get you kicked for even THINKING about bringing humor into this TOTALLY SERIOUS FPS. Also people who purposly kill single friendlies.

I can't blame the tf2 team, they are pretty understaffed to put out updates for this on the regular. But if you play this game for new content, prepre to wait.


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