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Scottish handshake collector - if I added you this is probably why
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Profile pic by http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198043761385
My name might change for brief periods but the profile pic is (mostly) eternal.
All my achievements are legit as well as the strange weapon counts.
That said, some stats are skewed from community servers such as engineer points.
If we didn't just play a match together you better leave a comment about why you're adding me or prepare to get ignored/blocked.
Youtube - mostly mvm playthroughs
Switch - SW-5138-9983-6979

Alt 1 - Alt 2
I do not trade on my alts, I send items from them to my main (this account) and then trade from here.

ZZR 03 : spawn camping isnt strat
GRAVYWILD : Well it works
GRAVYWILD joined team BLU
GRAVYWILD was moved to the other team for game balance

Nopwoppers: How about
Nopwoppers: Powder inside of cheetos instead of outside?

Sentiel: you owe me 6 years of corn
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: :corn:
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: i spent $2.18 on that joke

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[FP]jh34ghu43gu: I
[FP]jh34ghu43gu: AM
[FP]jh34ghu43gu: EATING
[FP]jh34ghu43gu: KIND
[FP]jh34ghu43gu: SIR
Nopwoppers: ♥♥♥♥ YOUR FOOD
[FP]jh34ghu43gu: IT'S TOO HOT
[FP]jh34ghu43gu: WOULD BURN ♥♥♥♥

Currently Online
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
NOT FOR SALE (unless gpan/ea.) Just showing off and needed another text box :)


List of handshakes I own
6 chem sets
Craft #18 handshake (thanks shadows)
3 Unique exorcism (of ~46) and 3 Collector exorcism (of ~17)
2 Level 1 handshakes (of 33)
1 Level 2 handshake (of 15)
1 Level 3 handshake (of 2)
1 duped unique handshake (surprisingly hard to find)
A few "earned" handshakes (from duel wins)
One of the first handshakes in the game with item id 531,394,080 (From October 20th, 2011 - 1 week after release)
8+ handshakes from my mvm tours
49/49 possible ks effects on unique handshakes
33 Collector handshakes
The first collector handshake
Collector handshake crafted by me
Collector handshake crafted by neoDement and signed (handshake creator)
Unique Handshake gifted by Robin Walker (For $130 lol)

Other note-worthy items:
The 10 billionth (10,000,000,000) item id (a ref in 2nd alt)
#66,666 craft marxman
#99,999 craft bonk boy (1st cosmetic to get a 99,999 craft)
#100,000 fortified compound (1o8 tradeable weapons, 1o11 known craft 100k)
Level 2 rainblower ( 1 of 13)
Burning flames winter woodsman unboxed by me.
6 Support Granted ref (in alt #2)
Engie fly set with voices from below on the head
Princess heavy set with voices from below on all parts
A strange pro fan o war with over 100 giant robots killed
Craft #39193 Southie Shinobi (palindrome number)
The first hat drop I ever had - a balloonicorn (October 21st, 2014)
A strange conch I've had since the end of 2014 (oldest strange)
My first unbox - a level 3 chin (August 21st, 2014)


============Unusuals unboxed - 38 ========= Unusualifiers - 16 =============
=============== God tiers - 3 ============== One-of-Ones - 2 =============
============Estimated crates for me to get unusual item: 35-55 ===============

:shinygems: Starstorm insomnia B'aaarrg-n-bicorne (on alt)
Hot Rod Flames Scattergun kit
Mean Green Tornado Shotgun kit
:shinygems: Disco beat down familiar fez
:shinygems: Terror watt Rather festive tree

Emerald singularity spycycle kit
Green singulatiry spycycle kit
:shinygems: Miami Nights Sky High Fly Guy
:shinygems: Molten mallard outdoorsman

Mean green incinerator shotgun kit
:winter2019sadbulb: I see you unusualifier
(14/15 multi class crate unbox *spree*)
:shinygems: Miami nights executioner (24 multi class crates to celebrate the woodsman)
:shinygems: Massed flies Well-Rounded Rifleman
:shinygems: Smoking universal translator

:winter2019sadbulb: Box trot and skullcracker unusualifiers
:winter2019sadbulb:Mannrobics unusualifier
(and strange shooting star) from 5 boxes
:winter2019sadbulb: Scotsmann stagger unusualifier from 9 boxes
:shinygems::cheers_: Strange Unusual Shot To Hell Pistol (Field-Tested) Hot from 15 boxes (was thinking about buying a FN unusual RL and decided to go try to unbox sum skins lmao)
:shinygems: Cloud 9 Universal Translator from 15 boxes again
:winter2019sadbulb: Oblooterated unusualifier from 5 boxes (thanks for the crates sentiel)
:winter2019sadbulb: Bunnyhopper unusualifier from 8 cases
:winter2019sadbulb: The Proletariat Posedown Unusualifier from 26 cases (after fuckin 100+ dry boxes oof)
:winter2019sadbulb: Flippen Awesome Unusualifier (christmas 2018)
Fire horns TS GRU kit
Tornado TS Spycicle
:shinygems: Death by disco smokey sombrero (15 gargoyles)
Incinerator Emerald Spycycle - Discharge Emerald Sniper rifle - Incinerator Emerald Axtinguisher - 10 crates
:shinygems: Purple confetti burning bandana
:shinygems: Miami nights texas slim's dome
:shinygems: Purple Energy Cyborb stunt helmet

Violet flames machina & Green FH Wrench kits (7 boxes)
:winter2019sadbulb: Boston breakdance unusualifier (20 boxes last one)
:shinygems: Miami nights hard counter + TS Tornado air strike (8 crates)
:shinygems: Blizzard storm grenadier's softcap (~50 crates or so)
:shinygems: Death at dusk crocleather slouch (10 EOTL crate#3 with a strange hat)
:winter2019sadbulb: Party Trick Unusualifier
:shinygems: G. Fetti Toy Soldier from the great unusual depression 07/26/19
:shinygems: Vicious Vortex Convict Cap
:winter2019sadbulb: Balloonibouncer and Skullcracker Unusualifiers
:winter2019sadbulb: Head case unusualifier
:shinygems: Green Energy Spook Specs
:winter2019sadbulb: Party Trick unusualifier
:shinygems: Fifth Dimension Bat Hat
:shinygems: Green Confetti Vampire Vanquisher
STRANGE Factory New Shell Shocker Rocket Launcher from a $13 trade up
:shinygems: Kill-a-Watt Prehistoric Pullover
:shinygems: Circling Peace Sign Bumble Beenie
:shinygems: Cool Quack Canvassed War Paint (WW)
:shinygems: Circling TF Logo Frontier Djustice
Strange Minimal Wear Sweet Dreams Stickybomb Launcher
:shinygems: Electric Hat Protector Universal Translator
:shinygems: Hot Clover Camo'd War Paint (FT)
:shinygems: Isotope Calavera Canvas War Paint (FT) - TY Shocked for crate <3
:shinygems: Molten Mallard Birdcage
:shinygems::cheers_: Strange Unusual Kill Covered (Field-Tested) Cool from 1 case :)
:shinygems: Hot Shot to Hell Scattergun (FT) (over 200 dry during SF XII)
:shinygems: Cool Candy Coated War Paint (MW) (Last pumpkin from halloween contracts)
:winter2019sadbulb: Trackman's Touchdown Unusualifier
Strange Freedom Wrapped War Paint (FN)
:winter2019sadbulb: Luxury Lounge unusualifier with Strange Bank Rolled FN war paint
:shinygems: Sunbeams Killing Tree
:shinygems: :scared4life: Aces High Otolaryngologists Mirror
(on alt)
:winter2019sadbulb: Scorcher's Solo Unusualifier
:shinygems: Isotope Anodized Aloha War Paint (FT)
:shinygems: Isotope Piña Polished War Paint (FT)
-3 cases after the previous one but like 250+ dry
Starlight Serenity War Paint (FN)
MvM Text Box
My most recent aussie/unusual will be in the screenshot showcase below.

My mvm experience

============Total Aussies - 30 ========= Avg 31-33 tours per aussie ============
=========Longest dry streak - 109 ===== Tour count as of update - 944 ==========
If I got a good pro fab before this I failed to record it. First aussie at 62 tho :c
Team Shine Cerebral Discharge Rocket launcher fab: tour 60
:yellowrubberduck: (First) Australium Frontier Justice: tour 62
Mean Green Discharge sniper rifle fab: tour 66
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium Force-A-Nature: tour 68 (wrap assassin pro fab violet/fire horns)
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Black Box: tour 81
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Blutsauger: tour 82
:yellowrubberduck: Australium knife: tour 102
:yellowrubberduck: Australium knife: tour 113
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Ambassador: tour 127
Deadly Daffodil Incinerator Wrench fabricator: tour 149
Mean Green Hypno Beam Flame Thrower fabricator: tour 170-177 (forgot to record until later)
Manndarian flames wrench fabricator: tour 215
Manndarian incinerator tomislav fabricator: tour 216 (two in a row bby)
Mean Green Incinerator smg fabricator: tour 222
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Grenade launcher: tour 236 (109 dry REEEEEEE)
Team Shine Incinerator Escape plan fab: tour 245
=========== RESET BADGE 257 === (Proof in screenshot showcase) =========
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium Grenade launcher: tour 269 (nice) (pro third degree)
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Ambassador: tour 277
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Axtinguisher: tour 283
TS Singularity SMG fab: tour 304 or 303 (idr)
TS Discharge Wrench fab: tour 305
Daffodil Discharge Wrench fab: tour 310 (ANOTHAONE)
Violet Singularity Degreaser fab: tour 321
TS Direct Hit fab: tour 322
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Eyelander: tour 350
Manndarian Incinerator Dragon's fury fab: tour 364
Daffodil Flames Medi-gun fab: tour 380
TS Flames Minigun fab: tour 398 (Side note last mission was hh and I got an A+ as scout)
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Scattergun: tour 405
TS fire horns vaccinator pro fab: tour 409 (with violet minigun and heatmakers fabs)
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium axtinguisher: tour 415 (daffodil singularity backburner)
:yellowrubberduck: Australium axtinguisher: tour 416
Hot Rod Fire Horns Knife fab: tour 432
Mean Green Tornado Wrench fab: tour 470
Team Shine Singularity Pan fab: tour 479
Team Shine Fire Horns Pistol fab: tour 489
Violet Incinerator Medi-gun pro fab with hot rod RL spec fab AND violet RL spec fab: tour 495
Violet Incinerator Conscientious Objector pro fab: tour 498
:yellowrubberduck: Australium knife: tour 517 (101 dry oof)
Hot Rod Incinerator Pan pro fab (No screenshot): tour 530
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Tomislav: tour 550
Emerald Discharge Iron Bomber fab: tour 568
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Frontier Justice: tour 578
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Tomislav: tour 597
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium Force-A-Nature: tour 601 (spec grenade, pro kukri)
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Sniper Rifle: tour 654
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Black Box: tour 668
Daffodil Hypno Minigun pro fab: tour 676
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium Scattergun: tour 710 (spec pomson/pain train, pro nine iron)
Team Shine Incinerator Knife fab: tour 734
Deadly Daffodil Fire Horns Quickie Bomb fab: tour 767
Hot Rod Hypno-Beam Eyelander fab: tour 776
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Axtinguisher: tour 795 (85 dry oof)
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium Sniper Rifle: tour 804 (spec machina, pro pain train)
Deadly Daffodil Fire Horns Wrench fab: tour 820
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Flame Thrower: tour 824
Hot Rod Incinerator Iron Bomber fab: tour 827
Violet Discharge Degreaser fab: tour 836 or 837
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Ambassador: tour 846
Mean Green Singularity Original fab: tour 878
:yellowrubberduck: Australium Scattergun: tour 883
:yellowrubberduck: Australium SMG: tour 910
Hot Rod Fire Horns Black Rose fab: tour 912
Team Shine Tornado Eyelander fab: tour 914 (with spec sniper VV)
Team Shine Fire Horns Quick-Fix fab: tour 935
:yellowrubberduck::fourleafclover: Australium Force-A-Nature: tour 938 (Flying guillotine pro fab daffodil discharge and normal knife)
Team Shine Hypno-Beam Vaccinator fab: tour 944 (and normal flame thrower + spec knife)
Mecha - :yellowrubberduck: Australium Stickybomb Launcher: tour 26

========I've decided to keep track of my damage high scores as of 07/10/19=======
=======These are for two cities only and if I didn't screenshot it I won't record it======

Empire - 367,807 on 11/12/18 I don't remember class picks
Metro - 279,016 on 11/14/20 Demo - Heavy x5
Hamlet - 176,657 on 05/19/19 don't remember class picks
Botbash - **234,028 on 05/12/19 don't remember class picks

Best scout damage with an A+ into the final wave - 90,592 on botbash 12/28/20
Best medic damage - 99,852 on metro 10/07/19

Most points - 2,036 from empire on 08/25/2020 (Also 465 ks)

**251,419 on 03/05/18 is technically more but this was pre gas passer nerf so I won't count it


Nopwoppers: ok
Nopwoppers is now Online.
Nopwoppers: ok
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: ok?
Nopwoppers: ok
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: ok
Nopwoppers: ok
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: ok
Nopwoppers: ok
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: ok
Nopwoppers: ok
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: ok
Nopwoppers: ok
[FP] jh34ghu43gu: ko
Nopwoppers: ♥♥♥♥
Nopwoppers: you
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God this is such a good skin
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120 ratings
It's often not clearly whether you can reach a certain spot on a map or not. In this guide I tried to collect all the edges you can stand on in a very popular map cp_dustbowl.
Note: you gotta be a rare visitor to see this text. Some glitches with text pos
Why I left/Why you got kicked.
If you came from my profile from an mvm match, this text box is for you. Otherwise you can probably skip it.

When I will leave (numbered for reference purposes):
1) Waves1-3 pyro
2) More than two 0 tours
3) Wave 1 cheater - I will attempt to kick/throw any other wave.
4) Certain players who don't like me for some reason - no need to have a heated lobby.
5) Three or more players with ♥♥♥♥ upgrades (knockback rage, disposable, etc...)
6) Trying to snipe a friend's game

Why I leave over staying:
I hope reason's 3, 4, & 6 are self explanatory. The other 3 have to do with low skill players and it seems like a decent amount of people think high tours should stay to help new players out. Some people do this, in fact I used to try and help when I could, but after around 400 tours something become clear to me that a lot of high tours realize : ~80% of players you try to help will not listen. It doesn't matter the reason; they mute the game, they don't speak the same language, they don't care about working as a team: it's all the same after awhile - our advice goes largely ignored. And so the question to ask becomes "Do I want to spend an hour trying to help someone(s) who, 4 out of 5 times, will ignore me or do I want to spend less than 10 minutes requeuing for a team that already has a good idea of how this mode works that will win in <40 minutes?" The math doesn't lie, req will often save over an hour of time every tour, not to mention all the headaches of seeing idiots who didn't bother to learn anything before jumping straight into advanced or expert coop missions.
In the end, it's not my responsibility to teach the basics of this mode. A guide and/or boot camp accomplishes that w/o headache to other players who expected that paying a dollar meant their teammates would at least know a scout grabs most of the money, dispenser range is a priority upgrade, demos use stickies to drop meds, etc... You don't have to agree with this, be the change you want to see, but I prefer to enjoy my tour experience and losing gate A every wave of Manhattan is not enjoyable to me.

When I will kick / f1 you:
1) Party member or other high tour I know called it.
2) Continued doing X after being told at least twice to stop.
3) Cheater
4) Known troll (rare)
5) You sniped a spot reserved for a friend
6) You needed an ego check (rare)

Why you got kicked:
3 & 4 should be self explanatory. Is 5 petty? Perhaps, but if you sniped my game do you really have any ground to complain? #2 should also be pretty explanatory, I try to give at least 2 chat messages before I consider kicking someone but my friends aren't always that nice so you might end up getting kicked after one warning. I rarely encounter a #6 kick but since it does happen I thought to include it, these people are usually bossing around me and my friends (usually with bad advice) and are often ignoring anything we say back; hilariously they usually have <6 tours and <500 hours. If you are kicked for #1 AND you don't fall into any other category, it wasn't personal, it's just I value my friend's opinions more than yours :)

I prefer to leave over kicking which is why I like to stick in single or duo queue, you have your right to this gamemode too, but I ain't gonna hold your hand through it.

Please stop picking pyro wave 1.

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160 hrs on record
last played on May 11
2.3 hrs on record
last played on Apr 25
Mikko Kotamäki 10 hours ago 
Feel free to send me a trade offer.
[FP] jh34ghu43gu May 8 @ 5:45pm 
For the right price yes, I am on more of a budget now than when I was buying in the past, I can probably get 50 keys and then I have this stuff on scm https://imgur.com/obO8v9k If you can work a deal out with that feel free to add.
Nils May 8 @ 3:35pm 
you still buying pro ks collectors handshakes?
Atrick May 7 @ 4:26pm 
hello i would like to say nice bp and that is all
Mommy May 5 @ 1:10pm 
+rep unboxes crates infront of me and not Sexually Repressed Apple
Xerneas is sus May 4 @ 7:53pm 
-rep doesnt unbox crates in front o f me