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Unlocked Aug 20, 2014 @ 1:00pm

Cooking by the Book

Take an actual honest-to-god IRL photograph of the cake you're sharing with *Hyun-ae, and e-mail it to the developer! (UPDATE FOR 2018: this achievement is now on the honour system! If you type 12101989 and then 0 on the title screen, that should unlock it. Just promise you won’t cheat!)


Finish the first day of any route.

The Death of Old *Mute



Finish your mission by arriving on Earth.

Relationship status: it's complicated

Finish the game with your cute AI wife and/or completely platonic friend *Hyun-ae!

Level Four Revive Materia

Finish the game with the security AI in traditional dress, *Mute!

I Heard You Like Visual Novels

Finish the game with your completely impossible AI harem!

Red and Gold

Start *Mute's route and finish, as both a man and a woman.

Deep Space Therapist

Read every log file again with *Mute on day three.
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Don't create a TIME PARADOX!

Complete all three routes over the span of nine real days without skipping, LIKE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO, GEEZE.
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