Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
:reddanger: Before you send me a Friend Request, please click on this Info first and read this :reddanger:

1. Add me, but only if

:correctamundo:- You are Steam Level 10 or higher
:correctamundo:- You are a Screenshot / Artwork lover, and also like my Screenshots / artworks
:correctamundo:- You have similar interest
:correctamundo:- You have at least 25 Library Games or more
:correctamundo:- You have in common with Friends or Groups
:correctamundo:- You are a good, polite and respectful Person
:correctamundo:- You speak German too, not only English

2. Please don't add me and don't invite me or i will not accept if:

:TryAgain:- Your Steam Level is 0-9, no exception
:TryAgain:- You have without Profile Picture / Name
:TryAgain:- Your Profile is set to Private, only rarely exception
:TryAgain:- You have only Free Games without owning your Purchased Games
:TryAgain:- You only play Counter Strike, without other Games
:TryAgain:- You have no screenshots / artworks, even no exception
:TryAgain:- You invite me to the random group, if but with rare exceptions

3. I will have to Ingore, delete, block or remove them if

:esc_warning:- You leave me stupid comments about my Profile, Screenshots or Artworks
:esc_warning:- You are a miserable / rude person
:esc_warning:- You ask unnecessary Questions, Otherwise, it would be a waste of time
:esc_warning:- You send Suspicious Links, with Red Warning Exclamation Mark
:esc_warning:- You invite me to play at an unfavorable time, I have no time for that
:esc_warning:- You only beg for Games, Items, Cards or Backgrounds (Also a
waste of time)
:esc_warning:- You try to Trade with me, that will not happen at all
:esc_warning:- You are inactive for a long time
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Über mich / About me: :iggy:
:feralscroll:Name: Jean
:feralscroll:Nickname: Jet
:feralscroll:Gender: Male :fool:
:feralscroll:Age: 29 Years Old :leon:
:feralscroll:Date of Birth: January 16, 1990 :y_star:
:feralscroll:Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
:feralscroll:Occupation: Secret :sawblade:
:feralscroll:Nationality: German :f_germany:
:feralscroll:Language: German :f_germany:, English :f_USA::TeamCanada:
:feralscroll:Marital Status: Single :hatpaket:

Was ich bin / What i am : :iggy:
Metal / Rockhead
Male Notebook / Hardcore Gamer
Screenshot / No Hud Screenshot and Artwork Lover
Games Collector
Badge Collector
Emoticon Collector
Item Collector
Achievement Hunter and Collector
Active Steam Activity Feed User
Reviewer (only partially)

Mein Steam Account Information: :steamy:
Steam Debut: February 9, 2011
Profile Privacy: Public
Game Bans: None
VAC Bans: None
Community Ban: None
Trade Ban: None
Mobile Authenticator: Deactivated (provisionally)
SteamId: jet9023
Years Of Service: 8,7 years
Friendslist Limit: 1054 / 1305

Profil Status: :steamy:
Online - I have very little or no interest in Chat Messages, except only in rare cases

In-Game - Don't try to send messages when I'm in the game because the notification is disabled, It may take a while to answer, leaving a comment instead

Busy / Absent - Muscle training, Calisthenics / Self-defense (Home), surf the Internet,
watch TV / videos (Youtube), In the Kitchen, in the Toilet, Room clean up, Garbage bring out, please don't send any messages, leave a comment on my profile instead

Invisible / Offline - In the Shower, Work, Shopping, Sleep, please don't send any messages, leave a comment on my profile instead

Favorite Tags in Games: :ctm_gamepad:
Blood :bloodsplatter:, Gore :Gib::fingers::ZAT_Zombie_Heart:, Violence :FistGNZ::boot:, Destruction :dhnuke:

Lieblings SpielKategorie: :ctm_gamepad:
First / Third Person / Twin Stick / Old School Shooter, Survival Horror, Indie, Hack'n'Slay, Action/Adventure, Open-World, Rpg Elements, Brutal Beat'em-Up / fighting

Lieblings Musikstil / Favorite music style :horns:
Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Djent, Progressive Metal, Grunge, Neo / Post-Grunge, Nu Metalcore, Metalcore, Modern Heavy Metal, Industrial Metal, Groove Metal, Thrash Metal, Extreme Metal, Modern Hard Rock, Alternative Rock

Favorite Musik Groups / Bands :deadm_inside:
KoRn, Gemini Syndrome, Sevendust, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Benjamin, Cane Hill, Ded, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Disturbed, Twelve Foot Ninja, Red, Demon hunter, Love and Death, Lacuna Coil, Dope, Eye Empire, Soltuion .45, Scar Symmetry, Ill Nino, Fear Factory, Static-X, Skillet, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Sick Puppies, Days We Are Even
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dare DOOM !
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Created by - GéGé
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This Game Blood, an unforgettable old-school shooter will undoubtedly be a surprise in the Steam Store as a Remaster with the title Fresh Supply. And with a Gamepad that has a very comfortable Control, but also outdated Graphics, Weapons or Enemies play no role, however it is cult and I like it too.

Thanks Nightdive.

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