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Before I'll say anything about the game, I'd like to tell you the type of gamer I am. I am the 'easy crowd' - easy to impress, with little expectations. I tend to avoid writing reviews in general, since what can one voice change in this big mess. But this time I've felt that I have to.

D4 is a great game. The story had me make a new theory of what had happened with each new piece of evidence discovered, untill its very end. The QTEs were good, with the exception of few that were in my opinion unnecessary, though they did add some of the... let's call it arcade... feeling to the game. The controlls might feel a bit clunky, but after some time with the game you can get used to it.

In short - I loved the game. It delivered what it was supposed to deliver - a good story.

So why the negative review you might ask? Well, the answer is simple. The game is dead. The story has been cut-off at a second episode. This is not a season 1 of the D4. This is a mere prologue, the first two episodes, and a bunch of regrets after learning that there will be no more. Of all the questions that were given to you at the start of the game maybe two were answered, with more unknowns popping up throughout the 'gameplay'.

My personal experience of the episodes:

The prologue felt like a good introduction to the tone and type of story that will be told.
The first episode was rich in content, and for its duration I tried to figure out who, what and where - a good thing if the plot involves solving a mystery. The 1st episode was quite fleshy - At few points I was hesitating to go forward afraid that it'd be the end of episode, and I've missed something, only to be proved wrong moments later.
The second episode felt like the first episode, though now I've gained the confidence from ep 1 that 'this important thing will not be the end of the episode'... and I was proven wrong. The ending of 2nd episode feels rushed to say the least. As if somebody just cut it in already developed point, and then slabbed the credits to it.

For this reason I hate this game. Just as I've started loving it, it left me. The main reason to buy it, is to be disapointed in the end. If that can be called a game, then warm clay can be called a brick.
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Warm clay's called a brick actually.