Robert Tirotta   South Bend, Indiana, United States
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Favorite game series in no particular order:

1. Silent Hill
2. Resident Evil (CLASSICS BEFORE RE4)
3. Metal Gear
4. Devil May Cry (1-4)
5. Borderlands
6. Timesplitters

Favorite Audio Drama:

1. Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy
2. Byron Chronicles
3. Automn
4. Pet Cematary
5. The Time Machine
6. The Fatherland
7. The First Men in the Moon
8. The Invisible Man
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In Honor of Resident Evil
It's been nearly thirteen years since my gaming journey began... It all started with Resident Evil.

Resident Evil is the one series that brought me to gaming when I was just ten years old. I started off with Resident Evil 2 and eventualy the first one. After a while, I branched out a bit into other games such as Dino Crisis and Silent Hill.

It is because of the classic Resident Evil games, I am writting this message today. It is the return of THIS game that has revived my hope that Capcom will continue to show interest in porting or remaking more of the classic Resident Evil titles to PC and current gen consoles for all to enjoy.

It was with the release of Resident Evil 4 that things began to go down hill. While I like the new style of Resident Evil, I don't quite believe it fits the series well. These games would have gotten much better attention as a part of a whole new series.

Resident Evil 4, 5, 6, Revolations 1 & 2, and Operation Racoon City all could have been something else... Instead, they were what brought the series crashing down around us all.

It is with the return of this great game to PC and other consoles, that I hereby dedicate my profile to this special moment in the history of the series.

Everyone please take note of this game. Play it and enjoy your experience as it is hard to come by these days. For Capcom to realize that this is what fans want, I urge your ALL to support this game and let them know you want more.

Thank you to ANYONE who happens to stumble upon this message and taking the time to read it.
January 20th 2015. I hope this is the beginning of a special time for the Resident Evil Series.

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