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Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:00pm

The Winner Takes It All

Win a game.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 2:58pm

The Four Mechmen

Deploy all mechs.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:00pm

Real Estate Magnate

Build all structures.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 6:14pm

Well-Oiled Machine

Acquire all upgrades.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 2:55pm

In the Army Now

Enlist all recruits.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 2:55pm

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Win 2 battles.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 4:56pm

The Challenger

Complete the objective.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 2:35pm


Get all workers.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 6:22pm

The Power of Love

Get 18 popularity.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 5:41pm

Armed to the Teeth

Get 16 power.
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 9:01am

Is This the Real Life...?

Win a match while your opponent has 6 stars.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 6:22pm

Rags to Riches

Win with total $100 score or more.
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:42pm

Better Feared than Loved

Win with 6 or less popularity.
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:42pm

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Win without any structures.
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:42pm

Army of Me

Win without any recruits.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 5:15pm

This Land Is My Land

At the end of the game, have the most tiles under your control.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 6:22pm


At the end of the game, have the most resources under your control.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 5:10pm

Speed Demon

Be the first person in the Factory.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 5:15pm

Seize the Means of Production

Control the Factory at the end of the game.
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 6:22pm

Rule Polania

Win a game with the Polania Republic
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 9:01am

The North Remembers

Win a game with the Nordic Kingdom
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:00pm

Where Eagles Dare

Win a game with the Crimean Khanate
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:42pm

Hold My Tankard and Watch This

Win a game with the Saxony Empire
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:42pm

Hero of Heavy Labour

Win a game with the Industrial Mat
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 3:00pm

Mind over Machine

Win a game with the Engineering Mat
Unlocked Aug 22 @ 6:22pm

Bread and Salt

Win a game with the Agricultural Mat
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 9:01am

Velvet Glove

Win a game without initiating a single battle
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:42pm

Smells Like... Victory

Win an online game
Unlocked Aug 27 @ 4:43pm

Well-Deserved Promotion

Reach an ELO rating of 1250 or more


Win the game and have won more than 2 combats.


Win without any upgrades.

One-Man Army

Win without any mechs.

Successful Developer

Get the highest tier from the structures bonus.

The Art of War

Win a battle with 0 power.


Collect 5 or more encounters during the game.


Win a battle on a lake.

Execute Order 66

Defeat an enemy hero.


Win a battle on the Factory field.

Highland Advantage

Win a game with Clan Albion

All Power to the Rusviets

Win a game with the Rusviet Union

Ganbare Togawa!

Win a game with the Togawa Shogunate

League of Nations

Win a game with each of the seven factions

A Bit of Coloured Ribbon

Win a game with the Patriotic Mat

Mechs in Shining Armour

Win a game with the Mechanical Mat

Smear Campaign

Win a game with the Militant Mat

Technological Imperative

Win a game with the Innovative Mat

Tools of the Trade

Win a game with each of the seven mats

Monkey Haggis

As Clan Albion, beat units of the Togawa Shogunate in battle

Boar Katsudon

As the Togawa Shogunate, beat units of Clan Albion in battle

Fifteen-Year Plan

Win a game in 15 turns or less

Iron Hand

Win a game after winning 5 battles or more

Full-Scale Invasion

Win a game while controlling 13 territories or more

Iron Curtain

Win a game while controlling all 3 land territories adjacent to the Factory

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