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Posted: Jan 7 @ 5:52am

This is among my favorite VR games to date. I wish it were longer, but what I got was perfect. There are a few glitches here and there, but they weren't enough to knock me out of this immersive, well written, funny, and fun to play survival horror game. This is a must-have for the VR library.
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Just finished this game and enjpyed the F' ou of playing it! I love the commentary, especially towrds the end of the game. This is a classic! Is it glitchy? Ya, so what.... the graphics are still great inmo, that one female zombie never goes down easy! 9 hits to the head? In any event, its a video game and far from a perfect one and it is not very hard, but igts is fun nonetheless... I died during a few of the hoards.Short spurts, knowck theoir legs out if you are overwhelmed, but make sue to look down, because tthe walkers become crawlers, and they do that faster than they walk at times! Have not tried it in multiplayer yet, that will be next. Get it! I think its the best on the HTC Vive at the moment. So much better with TP Cast! Thing works well, but the battery kind of blows. They should give you utwo for $300 and it takes so firkin' long to charge!