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Hello ^-^ I am a huge anime fan and gamer. I have been gaming since Atarri back in the 80s. Over 30 years of gaming experience. I am a super geeky, quirky gamer girl. I like dying my hair weird colors, watching Shoujo animes, and obsessing about obscure games from like 15 years ago that you've probably never heard of.

A few of my favorite games include but not limited to:
Lunar (Eternal Blue, Silver Star, etc, etc)
Pretty much anything by Working Designs really - Popful Mail, Albert Oddyesee, Vanguard Bandits, Vay, Arc the Lad, Growlanser, etc.
Persona (4 and 5 especially)
As well as anything by Atlus :) Catherine, Rhapsody, I'm drawing a blank, but you get the idea.
Tactics Ogre and Ogre Battle
Final Fantasy 6 (not that big of a "square-enix" fan though to be honest, they're alright, but Atlus and Working Designs are far better.) And Yes, 6 is so much better than 7, don't even get me started. Dang whippersnappers and your fancy graphics lol.
Shadow Hearts
Star Ocean
Wild Arms
Valkyrie Profile

As for PC games, also very old school in that regard. Faves include
King's Quest (series)
Sam and Max Hit the Road
Walking Dead
Planescape's Torment
Inherrit the Earth Quest for the Orb of Hands
Sims 2 and 3 (spend more time customizing than playing lol)
Pretty much any visual novel or dating sim ever made, Tsukihime, Clannad, Kannon, Dandelion, Anamundi, Quartet, and Ever17 to name a few

Fave Anime:
Peach Girl
Aishiteruze Baby
Natsume Yujincho
My Little Monster
Full Moon Wo Sagashite
Skip Beat
Tegami Bachi

Also love Korean Dramas My faves:
Cinderella Man
I Hear your Voice
90 Days Time to Love
White Christmas

I also collect Asian Ball Jointed Dolls
At Home With Me:
Limited Edition Crobidoll Sinbi
Dollmore Model F Melissa Baul
Dollzone Demi (my first)
AOD Mimi
AOD Lele (tan)
Hujoo Dana
Obitsu Gretel

On Steam I tend to like indie and artistic/thought provoking titles such as To the Moon.

If my profile has caught your interest, send me an invite. :) always looking for new geeky friends.
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