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trying finding nemo dies in from finding finding dory while finding water ocean it on finding pussy
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Best video of all time

*DEAD*(TEAM) Jinx : stop saying daddy sole

seraph: can you change your profile picture to something more
chub: give me a new anime guy
seraph: no
seraph: change it to something with meaning
seraph: like
seraph: if you support cancer
seraph: you change your picture to someone who has cancer
chub: se nd pic
chub: someone who has downs
seraph: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4d/Otakuthon_2014_(14850728278).jpg/220px-Otakuthon_2014_(14850728278).jpg
seraph: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/45/6a/d5/456ad522187c2bf7a4c71efa815a6607.png
seraph: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/78/2d/90/782d902e740540319f21b9e4e3df9b86.png
chub: 2nd one?
seraph: whichever
seraph: someone will take interest in omeagle

Trade Offer



Foosa's Concubine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

a simple pinecone: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
brb getting bleach: a simple pinecone
brb getting bleach: brb getting bleach: a simple pinecone

Foosa: chubb i cant play lobbies for now
Foosa: fucking cancerous brothers
Foosa: playing max volume
Foosa: after going to private school, josh turns into a snobbish arrogant bitch

Chubbabubb: jesus fuck dude
Chubbabubb: i have dog shit on my shoe
Chubbabubb: its disgusting
Chubbabubb: every 5 seconds the smell just wafts up to me
Chubbabubb: its like moldly old fartsx10 + diarherra
tiMe: Ah you stepped in muselk

in tf2c
spastic: why is mine counting down?
johnny: bomb count
spastic: ????????????
johnny: if you dont leave in that time it ddoss your net

Yohan: Could u plz cut it
Yohan: Boss
Chubbabubb: meybe
Yohan: I cant finish without that clip :(
Yohan: Boss pliss gives me da video pliss
Chubbabubb: lol
Chubbabubb: meybe
Chubbabubb: yea ill do it later
Yohan: Ty

Foosa: the power of vaseline

Towser: wow is that u in ur profil pic??
gamergrill123: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Towser: ur kind a cute tbh :3 xx
gamergrill123: give me items
gamergrill123: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
gamergrill123: im a gamer grill

Rift: bgwkhgvblkfj;lkd'
Rift: are you a poo poo?
Chubbabubb: bunga
Chubbabubb: no
Chubbabubb: im not a poo poo
Rift: ok good
Chubbabubb: :D

TF2Center: Leadership transfered to johnny
TF2Center: The Epic Lamb was banned from this Lobby by johnny
johnny: ah fuck misclick!

Foosa: unlike mucus just vomiting out shit
Foosa: im getting too old for this shit

Foosa: this mac is a giant black tumour nestled like a rock in my brain

foosa: im on life support and im deliberately got my hand around the plug

foosa: ::::::::::::::::::::::::E
foosa: im a spider
foosa: im tired of clicking these memes

Yohan: Gripping the reins of reality in an attempt to tame the mustang

The Story of Reiji [pastebin.com]
The Salt of Reiji after Pastebin [imgur.com]
Reiji talking to a member of that team [imgur.com]

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yppohc: oi
chub: yap
yppohc: i held my breath at school today
yppohc: during class
yppohc: i held it for so long i passed out on the desk
yppohc: i woke up really quickly apparently
yppohc: i had no idea what happend
yppohc: it's funny
yppohc: when you pass out
yppohc: you don't remember anything
yppohc: literally nothing
chub: WTF
chub: HAHAHA
yppohc: you wonder what happened
yppohc: i got sat up on my chair upon recovering
yppohc: i was like
yppohc: wtf
yppohc: did i sleep
yppohc: what happened
yppohc: i tried to remember
yppohc: but i was only able to speculate that i must have passed out from not breathing
chub: UR SO DUMB
chub: HAHAH
yppohc: it wasn't my fault
yppohc: my teacher shouldn't have been so boring on the last day of school
chub: LOL

choppy: Hedgehogs are just boneless rats

twitch.tv/mackeytwitch hdead: CAN I GET UHHH 🅱️ONELESS 🅱️IZZA WITH TWO 🅱️OKES

PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE NOO http://imgur.com/a/BzY5Q

23:59:02 johno: that feel when someone says that chub would be better pocket than you :(

(TEAM) huphiiiiii : I hate ypu

god logs

chub: im still gonna send u pics of my shit
chub: feel free to send me urs
chub: :D
Sperkle #Lf Subs: now go away im playng minecraft


Lazz: Whenever I get hard I think of my dead grandma and it goes away XD

my nama jef: Hello All im Sam, you're friendly med main.
my nama jef: ur prorfile
my nama jef: *your
my nama jef: you're = you are
my nama jef: Hello All im Sam, you are friendly med main
my nama jef: or
my nama jef: Hello All im Sam, your friendly med main
PC | Sam(Haste): you wanna fucking get your throat slit keep it up


chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
foosa: make a yt channel named: Chubby ASMR
chub: AT THE END
chub: end pls
chub: pls
chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
chub: https://www.twitch.tv/qixalite/v/108477600
foosa: i am
chub: i scream
chub: listen
foosa: sec i got an ad
foosa: amirite
chub: ye
chub: dude
chub: the scream is so perfect
foosa: holy shit that was amazing
chub: HAHAHA
foosa: it tingled me

my idol <3

Haste #MedMain: next time yo come to sa i will punch a hole throughj your nekc

chubbabubb: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct6BUPvE2sM
chubbabubb: u said his pencil moustache turns u
chubbabubb: *turns u on
foosa: it does

foosa lft: some 62 yr old man has a fetish for thicc kids

chub: are u looking at these memes
foosa lft: sadly yes


Lazz merc: LOL
choob: choob: play pootis
choob: we can trade sandviches
choppy: why would i highlander
choppy: if there's a 6s up
choob: wtf
choob: u ass
Lazz merc: aussie pro ks
Lazz merc: rocket launcher
Lazz merc: look my bp
Lazz merc: i told him to sell it for 5 dollars on the market
Lazz merc: AND HE DID
choob: WTF
choob: ur such an asshole
choob: u still owe me 10 keys

spn: ill destrooy ur bum hole tonite
spn: just u wait

ipo: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/thelostchromozone
bone marrow is boneless bone has changed their name to m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM.
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: hello
ipo: yes
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: may i join youre casual team
ipo: send me some logs and screenshots
ipo: ill rEview them
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: it was 4:52
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: and got all the recordings too
ipo: yes
ipo: i see
ipo: ur logs are pretty baed
ipo: r u lvl150
ipo: in the casual mode
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: hmm i got 10 kills in a 10 minute ctf_2fort match
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: call me a nostalgic but i just love the original tf2 maps
ipo: how mnay hours omn game?
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: 200
ipo: ur in
ipo: welcome
ipo: to the STD clan
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: WOW
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: im very excited thanks for this great oppurtuna
ipo: no worries
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: i will try my hardest at spy and seek to imrprove
ipo: we aspire to be the greatest
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: ive already started to watch some stab stab
ipo: that is the right attitude and mentality
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: :)))
ipo: come to our mumble
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: ok
ipo: we will GET u sorted
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: what is mumble
ipo: mumble
ipo: is like facetiume
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: i talk loudly
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: i dont mumble
ipo: without the face
ipo: u can talk normally
ipo: mumble is just clickbait title
m1necr4ft k1d LF CASUAL TEAM: who would want to mumbe????

enemy enemy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-TKHDguMDg
enemy enemy: NO Ay
enemy enemy: NO WAY
enemy enemy: MP WAY
enemy enemy: NO FUCKING WAY
enemy enemy: no joke when u did the face Reveal
enemy enemy: was when u came back to tf2

mackey: later
#spnfacereveal: fcuk u faggot
mackey: lmao
#spnfacereveal: i hope you die
#spnfacereveal: ur mum needs bowel cancer
#spnfacereveal: and ur fucking muck
mackey: is spin still on ur team?
#spnfacereveal: stupid faggot
#spnfacereveal: i hope you are castrated
#spnfacereveal: idiot
mackey: XD
#spnfacereveal: ur a fuckin rat
#spnfacereveal: and i wish ur dick was long enough to reach and rape ur own bum
#spnfacereveal: but its a fucking toothpick so all you can do is stub ur own fucking thigh over and over
mackey: https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/economy/emoticon/smug
#spnfacereveal: excel needs the same treatment
#spnfacereveal: faggot idiot
mackey: he just outbrained u

die: what if u laser someones eyes
what if u laser them: what if u laser rrrtheir eyes
die: ?????
what if u laser them: and they blind?
what if u laser them: ??

oogway: die
[]: R u le oogwy
[]: From the movie karate panda
[]: Wow ur cool but u ded from oldness
[]: U eat de peach and u spit the seed from peach and burry it in ground before poof u gone transform into pink leaf and u fly away



L3 P155! | backpack.tf S>Pootus: I hate u
L3 P155! | backpack.tf S>Pootus: U bring me Great Depression
L3 P155! | backpack.tf S>Pootus: Whenever I see ur profile picture and name
L3 P155! | backpack.tf S>Pootus: I die a little inside
Uncle Dongus Jul 9 @ 8:30pm 
FastCart Jul 8 @ 6:03am 
avatar TLA best show ever Jul 8 @ 5:38am 
<3 ur the greatest captain vegemite
FastCart Jul 8 @ 4:20am 
I must apologise if I overeacted I accept your apology and hope you can accept mine.
Sperkle Jul 8 @ 3:37am 
Playing with chub in Season 18 of ozfortress in a nutshell VVV
FastCart Jul 8 @ 3:20am 
I feel that i should clear up about the last game, i did not mean to "bait you" i had every intent of ubering in with you but since you rocket jumped in i couldn`t keep up with you so i couldn`t keep ubering you (since you were out of range) and i was also being knocked back by two demos so i coudn`t get to you. I don`t know what you thought might happen if you rocket jumped into the entire enemy team alone but nether the less I can apolgise for not responding to your insults earlier for i was busy keeping our team alive.