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UT2004 is one of the best games ever. Onslaught, Invasion, and even standard DM are all quite fun. One of the very best things about the game that keeps it fresh today are all the great maps, characters, mutators and mods that you can use. All 100% FREE. User made DLC is the best.

Want to go racing? There's a mod for that. Have more than 30 weapons at your disposal? Mod for that too. Play a creepy survival horror game? There's even a mod for that. Fight hordes of monsters, level up, and use awesome RPG skills? Mod for that. The possibilities are almost limitless.

It's a fun single-player experience, but where it really shines is multiplayer. Even after 10 years there are plenty of servers for most popular gametypes.
Posted February 26, 2015. Last edited February 26, 2015.
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I played this on the Xbox 360 last year and was happy with the controls on it. Now that I'm playing it on the pc (free code ftw) I can't believe how cumbersome the controls default PC controls are, particularly when it comes to aiming grenades and rockets. I played about twenty missions before giving up and hooking up my 360 controller. It's like night and day, which is a bit weird, considering strategy games normally play better with a mouse and keyboard.

This is a very good strategy game that can be extremely brutal, but sometimes is a bit slow, since it's prudent to move your troops cautiously. The AI is quite good at ambushing you and otherwise punishing your mistakes.
Posted October 19, 2014.
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Played once for about 3 hours during the free weekend. It was fun, at least fun enough for the $2.49 sale price, but the game now crashes on launch and I haven't been able to fix it.

This seems to be a LOT of bug issues with this game, and briefly checking the community forum shows many other players not being able to play at all. Some people have managed to get it working, but I still haven't, and I've tried all recommendations, including verifying the game cache, manually changing the resolution, reinstalling Direct X and C++, reinstalling the game, updating my video drivers, everything.

Aside from this issue, the game seems fun, however there is a LOT of DLC, and apparenty some annoyances like not being able to delete your decks in sealed mode (you start out with randomized boosters and make a deck.) The sealed mode is also extremely short, in the 3 hours I played while the game was working I played through it once and was halfway through another playthroung before exiting the game. To get a third slot for sealed, you have to pay for it, and that's just a shameless money-grab.

I also played Magic 2013, which was free on the 360 with Xbox's Games for Gold program a while back. Seems the 2013 version actually had more features, such as planeswalker mode, and I've seen others recommend buying 2013 or an older version instead.

Note: I have had very little experience with MTG, but it was easy enough to pick up with these video game versions. If this game had worked longer, I might have bought it.

Posted June 6, 2014.
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