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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 2:10pm

Crafts Person

Successfully combine two items
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 2:24pm

Taking Care of Business

Escort Lars to the outhouse
Unlocked Sep 9 @ 2:46pm

Big Hill

Complete Chapter 1

Raven Botherer

Rescue the Great Mother Tree

Follow the Flow

Activate the ice altar


Escape from the waterlogged caves

Wolf Waker

Awaken Jötunúlfur

Bear Rouser

Awaken Jötunbjørn

Eyes Open

See beyond the veil

Other Sider

Complete Chapter 2


Complete the game

Eye for detail

Examine 50 unique backpack items


Open all of the Rootways

Growing Pains

Insult Shroomi

Forlorn Hope

Find all of the castle explorer's notes

Building Bridges

Say everything that needs to be said

Textile Detective

Find all the Guardian banners in the castle

Badge Master

Acquire all other badges

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