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About me
Lawful neutral. []
The Guy. The achiever. The hardcore. Flex tank\heal\dps. Drawing and singing enthusiast. Languages specialist. Killer of Floors, Binder of Isaacs. And actually not full of myself. No kidding!

:yawning_creep: Avatar info: "Shatter", drawn by yours truly.
:calm_creep: Trading: Not interested. I won't ever ask for any of your items\bank\Steam details.
:happy_creep: Groups info: I own a group for nice juicy people with free raffles, streams etc, and one for girls who lift where nothing really happens, but it is there!
:wat_creep: TF2R info: Check the huge TF2R mod \ Steamrep infobox below. No other Jeefk0 or Jeef you might see on Steam is real me, nor is it my 'alt'. []

About others
Don't be a jerk. Nobody likes jerks.

:angry_creep: Time is precious, don't waste it on talking with toxic folks.
:blissful_creep: My friendlist is filled with absolutely amazing people, and I'm really glad I got to know them.


:dosh: "All this scrapping is making me rich!" - me in process of backpack organizing
:100oj: "Sometimes it feels like the juice is just one hell of a squeeze" - Atreyu on being juicy
:jisooOrangeJuice: "The next child who says that we use juice boxes manipulatively will not receive a juice box" - Our Darker Purpose on discipline
:whale: "...idontevenknowwhatto... It's a mad man's profile" - [Damn-Camper] on my profile

Related links and contacts

:pushpin: - Stream page (streaming Fri-Sat-Sun, come say hi!)
:pushpin: - Youtube page (mostly uploading stream footage, Overwatch, KF2 stuff and random shenanigans)
:pushpin: - Twitter thingy for doodles and opinions
:pushpin: - Instagram thingy for doodles and pics
:pushpin: - buy me a coffee, or just throw money at me
:pushpin: Battlenet: Jeefk0#2249
:pushpin: Discord: ask for it

:mindcontrol: The universal mind theme ♫

Bonus #1: YT playlist with my proudest gaming \ editing moments


Bonus #2: List of fakers\ impersonators, be careful around those guys

:monokuma_DGR: - Such a miserable faking attempt!
:monokuma_DGR: - Another one!
:monokuma_DGR: - And another one discovered!
:monokuma_DGR: - One more for my score!
:monokuma_DGR: - Look at all the pointless leveling, so pathetic!
:monokuma_DGR: - Another user .. using my name and picture. This is not fishy at all, nope!
:monokuma_DGR: - Just the name, but still. Get. Noted!
TF2R mod \ Trading \ Steamrep infobox
If you are here because of TF2R business
Use our related tf2r forums so we can help you out from there.
Send a trade offer IF you won a raffle of mine [⇄] *CLICK FOR OFFERS* [⇄]
And if you desperately need assistance regarding tf2r, please drop a comment before adding me.

If you got scammed \ phished \ hacked \ dunked on
Do not add me, for I can not help you with retrieval of your items or banning the hacker.
Try using Steamrep forums []instead.
I'm sorry if you lost your stuff, but there's absolutely nothing I can do about fixing it.

How to not get scammed
Use your brain and follow these instructions [].

Please do not add me unless you have sound reasons. My ducks will get you: :topduck::blueduck::blueduck::blueduck::blueduck: :platypus:
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This brief step-by-step guide will help you become a real Mr. Foster, and differ from those bloody gasmask wearing pretenders dying at wave one on hard. The guide is to be expanded and refreshed with more patches in!
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