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I might add you even if you don't comment, but only when I know your name from SteamGifts, Steam, or somewhere else.

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Note: Be aware, if you invite me to some group because they asked you to do so for a chance at winning free ♥♥♥♥ - I WILL ignore the invite, and I WILL delete you. Don't want to be mean, but I don't do that. It's spam, pure and simple.

Random chat logs:

Miku: I think Valve has a custom version of Mida's touch, except it turns things to ♥♥♥♥ instead of gold

jbondguy007: !ai taigo Jotun
ArchiBoT: Alert Cost Jotun

Fame-Taker: !ai how did jb broke the bot
ArchiBoT: Carefully.

Archi: archi's bundle crap shop is a shop where archi is always right
Archi: go ♥♥♥♥ yourself
Archi: :bite:

Archi: I have enough data samples to confirm this ♥♥♥♥♥♥ is gone
Kaleith: no jbondo is still here

Outrageous Creator Taigo: A tree full of dead babies hung with tiny nooses
FakeNameOF: Oh cool Greek mythology :3
Outrageous Creator Taigo: Nah, Western :3
FakeNameOF: Oh cool Philidelphia mythology :3

jbondguy007: Filthy fake weeb
jbondguy007: Real weebs don't socialize
Miku: :3
FakeNameOF: I am Fake :3
jbondguy007: Asim is faker
jbondguy007: !ai taigo Asim
ArchiBoT: Filthy Identification Asim
jbondguy007: :bite:

Regulatory Hen Taigo: I'm gonna keep that as a quote :3

[TROLP] CHT a.k.a Death Cruzer: Windows 10 also doesn't let you break stuff.
[TROLP] CHT a.k.a Death Cruzer: It does that for you.

jbondguy007: 4:48 PM - Archi: staff and the great leader first
I'm great leader of the rebellion
jbondguy007 was kicked by Archi.
jbondguy007: You can silence me but you'll never stop my forces from overthrowing 2hu
jbondguy007 was kicked by Adorable Howl Madu.
jbondguy007 entered chat.
jbondguy007: !ai revolution
ArchiBoT: Revolution! :bite:
jbondguy007 was kicked by Skatrzoo.
jbondguy007 entered chat.
jbondguy007: I'LL NEVER LEAVE

Archi: nep is the best rpg I've ever played

AsulfS: and then a wild dragon appear with the best advise ever

Korrd: http://www.artisanalcheese.com/
Crazedanimal™: art is anal cheese?

Chirimorin: meanwhile, I can't figure out the interface because there's no pause even in SP mode
Chirimorin: and there's zombies everywhere following me because I grabbed some blueberries
Chirimorin: I have no clue how to drop them

Chirimorin: dbolt, isn't greenlight just 1 ultra wide barrel with everything being the bottom?


Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1: Well get your ninja pants on
Grizzlywolf: i don't need pants for ninjaing :B1:

ahmed4119: tremorgames is a racist website

jbondguy007: What's your levels today?
js51472: almost 4 million :(
Deirujà vu: You mean blood pressure?
Deirujà vu: I dunno. I aint got a home-testing kit.
jbondguy007: 1,350,400 here
Deirujà vu: Oh
Deirujà vu: ......Lolwow
jbondguy007: Lmao
js51472: haha
js51472: my blood pressure is almost 4 million!
jbondguy007: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ my sides

"Well, steam has more bugs than the Amazon forest"
— TheLuckyShamrock

http://i.imgur.com/PTf834c.png #BestTrollEver
http://i.imgur.com/MJ4EYFA.png The day I broke Steamgifts...
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I'm always accepting 1:1 trade for cards of the same set, as long as it does not break any of my currently completed sets or the set's progress towards completion (especially sale events cards).
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Brewing Tea
A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Perfect Tea

1. Boil water
2. Put some tea leaves in a cup
3. Pour hot water in cup
4. Let infuse as desired
5. Add cold water as desired
6. Take a sip
7. Place cup on desk
8. Forget about the tea
9. "MY TEA IS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ COLD AGAIN"
10. Repeat


"We burn the present for the sake of a brighter future and act surprised when all it holds is ash"


FGF members: If you find free games, post in the Free Games Sharing thread. Don't post on my profile as I may be AFK, busy, or offline.

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jbondguy007 Apr 21 @ 8:41pm 
Hi, we have 3 admins including me so not all actions are taken by me (which is the case here). With that said, I stand by my admins' decisions. You have repeatedly posted inappropriate and disrespectful comments on our announcements, and unfortunately, this is not something we want to encourage in the FGF community. For that reason, we have to enforce our guidelines through temporary timeouts at times.

I see that your ban duration is only 3 days though, so I suggest taking this as a learning experience and just wait it out - You'll regain your posting privileges within the next few days.

Thanks for understanding.
giulio egoist Apr 21 @ 4:17pm 
you also muted me
giulio egoist Apr 21 @ 4:17pm 
why did u remove my comment but not nanoya's '_'
Flatfish Apr 10 @ 6:38am 
im not making a comment
Torque Feb 17 @ 9:34am 
Hi, Ratha told me, i should contact you for a question. Please accept my friendsrequest here on Steam. Greetings, Torque :controllerThumbsUp:
Hyo Jan 30 @ 8:45pm 
Felt nostalgic :cinnamon2: