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aishite. 1 hour ago 
can you please sign my profile??
melvyn 12 hours ago 
added to talk
Konata Izumi 21 hours ago 
And can u sing profile?? Pls
Konata Izumi 21 hours ago 
+rep add me pls
Hastu Aug 18 @ 12:47am 
+rep added for signing =)
Wʏɴ Aug 15 @ 11:08am 
Added for signing :^ )
Mayonnaise Fragger Aug 13 @ 10:21pm 
+rep ty for the mge
Sylveon Aug 13 @ 4:21pm 
Thank you for being my inspiration to try and get good at Sniper. <3
Author Aug 10 @ 8:41pm 
Ebic gamer
Puuro Aug 10 @ 1:59pm 
ok so i uninstalled tf2 after playing 5 thousand hours about 1 hour ago and then you proceed to upload a video just now about why play tf2 and now im installing tf2 again.
this guy is epic pro gamer material right here
Sunflower Aug 6 @ 1:20am 
Added for signing.
¿Whovian? Aug 5 @ 8:18pm 
Added for signing =)
Dark Jack Lancer | :> Aug 3 @ 10:19pm 
genuine vintage gamer
*gXd_ Aug 2 @ 10:50pm 
i think i want you to sign my rifle
Robbie Rotten Aug 1 @ 2:28am 
Is he a human? :o those aims...
Bill Ding Jul 31 @ 8:42pm 
Cool guy.
PLH | Diesel Jul 31 @ 1:19pm 
Very Good snoiper
jbird Jul 31 @ 12:37pm 
From everything I'm learning, if someone says you're doing something "cringey", they're probably jealous of how dope it is. Name tags should be exactly what you want them to be. It's yours.
squidward tennisballs Jul 31 @ 12:13pm 
heyhey jbird big fan here i was wondering if u could give me any nametag suggestions for my sniper rifle. i was thinking of naming it ''̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ any questions?'' but my friends said it was too cringy. any suggestions u got?
TypicalMoon Jul 31 @ 1:36am 
TypicalMoon Jul 31 @ 1:35am 
If u think jbird posted cringe then the meaning of cringe must be awesome
jbird Jul 30 @ 10:08pm 
Ah yes, cringe, top of the child's limited vocabulary covering anything not fitting their immediate interest.
evan Jul 30 @ 9:05pm 
jbird you just posted cringe
Donacdum Jul 27 @ 5:21am 
Sup Jbird, just a fan here. *cough* ur amazing *cough*
Mr.Dooper Jul 26 @ 3:13am 
Hello, I've met you long time ago on a random server when your name was jib. Used to fav you the most, and I would liek for me to be your friend. Maybe even a friendly duel later on. I also saw you have one of the kind snipers that is on my friends list. I will wait for your response.

My grammer suck, dont try to teach me english.
Restove Chan Jul 25 @ 3:23pm 
Hello jBird, You are an awesome person, truly one of a kind, Both in mind and skill. I would love it if I could be your friend. ^^
STORMy Jul 25 @ 7:47am 
Let me just say, this might be the most amasing sniper I´ve seen.
The aim, prediction and movement is just fenomenal. Met him in a turbine server (with a different name) and just saw how he absoloutly destroyed the other team.
Keep on shooting mate. :themark:
J_peg Jul 24 @ 9:45pm 
jbird Jul 24 @ 9:04am 
2400 hours on sniper. 6000 in tf2.
boxisomega Jul 24 @ 7:53am 
@hsn jbird currently has over 2400 hours in tf2. lol damn thats dedication
jermey23 Jul 24 @ 7:44am 
My most favourite tf2 youtuber; offers meaningful advice, creates entertaining videos and introduces great music. Genuine respect.
hsn Jul 24 @ 5:21am 
Can I ask how many hours on sniper do you have?
Nash Jul 24 @ 3:47am 
I luv ur sniping videos for an aspiring sniper main it kinda helped me and u seem like a cool guy dats y i wanted to add u xD
J_peg Jul 22 @ 10:28pm 
I need advice.
boob Jul 18 @ 12:05pm 
hi sniper main, im sniper main too. i play ctf_turbinr alot
Sníh Jul 18 @ 7:43am 
OMG! Can I add you?
Metallic Chair Jul 18 @ 2:41am 
omg thanks for accepting my friend request! I'm a big fan! :D
Matthew Jul 17 @ 3:38pm 
Hey I added you, idk if u can accept cuz friends list limit, I just wanna talk :l
lit fam Jul 15 @ 9:43pm 
sign my profile xd
m4ti Jul 14 @ 12:00pm 
sign my profile boo
m4ti Jul 14 @ 12:00pm 
thats deep
jbird Jul 14 @ 11:54am 
We're all Strange from Canada.
m4ti Jul 14 @ 7:51am 
wtf is strange from Canada
Light Jul 12 @ 7:41pm 
+rep Best sniper
JosSamLoh Jul 12 @ 12:23pm 
+rep You're uploading again! Can't wait to see the new content you'll be, hopefully, pumping out xP. I love watching sniper gameplay, it inspires me to play sniper more and to try my best to get better at it, TY!
Cabaret ✿ Jul 11 @ 3:18am 
dewu Jul 8 @ 5:36pm 
Amazing player;DD
typoL Jul 5 @ 7:30pm 
big boy sniper main