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It's been a long time running. It's well worth the wait.
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First LAN; First headshot; Uber dropped.

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a few things
Just a little introduction into what you're dealing with:

This is my one and only account.

I've never declined a friend request, so please don't hesitate if the mood strikes. I've also never endured the company of those who lack respect and empathy, so take that into account. If I remove you, please don't take it personally, my list is simply full and I need to make space. Please feel free to add me back. Also, if my friends list is full, please add me anyway and I'll make space when I have the chance.

I make the occasional youtube video which maintains a modest and wonderfully constructive community. My steam group has the details.

I've played more Team Fortress 2 over the past 7 years than any individual should strive to emulate; I don't regret a moment of it and have met some of the most lovely and unique individuals I have the pleasure to call my friends through the game.

Video games, Team Fortress 2 and Steam are a collective and complementary aspect of my life. It has blurred my perspective between real and online friends in the best of ways and challenged me to deal with and embrace every type of individual. It has at times created rifts and distance between both those who care about me and my own priorities; it has also acted as a mode of counsel and therapy to lead me away from darker paths.

I am a social person consumed by my social anxiety. I perpetually struggle to reach out to anyone around me, but I promise you that I am here to listen and respond; not because I crave acknowledgment, but because I genuinely want to experience and return all of the humanity I so routinely let pass by me each day.

More importantly, I main sniper and would own 20-30 rescue dogs of varying breeds and ages if my circumstances allowed for it.
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Birdfolk are the best folk.
Hat lasagna.
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my motivation to be sniper main :)
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Birb whom like kitties
Luggs 8月19日上午10:11 
dont play tf2 but your videos are amazing. keep it up my guy
aishite. satori 8月19日上午7:22 
can you please sign my profile??
melvyn 8月18日下午8:16 
added to talk
Konata Izumi 8月18日上午10:39 
And can u sing profile?? Pls