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"I'm still not fast enough-"
"You're very fast."
"Will I ever be as fast as you?"
"I doubt it."
"Hmm...And are you-? Who's the best fencer in the world?"
"I've no idea."
"You've never known one?"
"I've known many who believed themselves to be the best."
"Oh! What were they? What were their names? What could they do?"
"Hold on, hold on, girl. I haven't got an answer to those questions. Is it all that important?"
"Of course it's important! I'd like to know who these fencers are. And where they are."
"Where they are? i know that."
"Ah! So where?"
"In cemeteries."
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A fantastically written Role Playing adventure set in the awesome yet strange and weird Dungeons and Dragons planes multiverse where you travel to all sorts of creepy places to answer the ultimate mystery -Who are you and why can't you stay dead?

In short:A must pick up for old school CRPG fanatics and ifinity engine lovers.Isometric RPG with RTwP combat and lost of text to read through.

What's Changed:
Enhanced Edition is the best way to play the game in modern systems.Hoping that the modding community will update the mods like cut content restoration to be compatiable this "enhanced" engine.
Beamdog didn't add any original content and that's a relief.The core gameplay and story of the original game remains the same.
Enhanced Edition suppoets higher native resolutions including 4k,reworked UI,bug fixes,some minor gameplay tweaks that can be toggled like sprites highlighting,higher quality audio etc

+Brag to people that you have finishsed reading something much bigger than the bible
+One of the few games that pulled off the "amnesiac" trope so perfectly
+Make people drool over your formaldehyde smelling stitched-up flesh
+Be BFF with a talking skull
+Stare deep into the dark corners of Chris Avellone's mind
+Taunt someone to death
+Send your foes on a field trip to hell without a permission slip
+Visit a bagel shaped city
+Fall in love with the concept of death and resurrection
+People you meet aren't from McDonalds (A ghastly suit of armor and DnD's human torch for companions)
+"Babes.Think babes.Then think more babes" - Chris Avellone
+Visit a spiky and jagged world filled with spiky and jagged people
+Art style is visually appealing and suits the tabletop setting

- People who hate reading,go away this game nor I want to have anything to do with you
-The only action you get in the brothel in this game is that by means of words and morphemes :p
-The combat is well...average but hey the spell animations are the best I have ever seen in an isopmetric RPG and most of the time it's best to talk your way out of situations
-You start the game classless and obtain a class after the initial map.There are only 3 classes:fighter,thief and mage with the oppertunity to dual switch between various classes whenever you want.
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