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My fucking heart was pounding! 0_o
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I just won my first round......and I think maybe had my first heart attack. 0_o

I noticed most folks like to drop from the plane the moment they're over land. That looked like a meat grinder to me so I opted to ride along to around the 2/3rds mark, then drop to one of the smaller, less enticing cluster of (or even single) buildings, load up quietly, and creep towards the designated zone, continuing to target the less obvious loot sources, always aiming to be about halfway between the center of the current playzone and the outter border.

I mananged to find a vehicle that got me MUCH closer to the center of the zone, allowing me to hunker down for a bit and listen (sidenote: I actually wished my AC hadnt been running at that moment because even with 5.1 speakers, I was struggling to hear distant clues as to what was going on in the area; you may want a headset). I deliberately left my vehicle outside, at medium gun-range, and lined up neatly with a fence, to make it appear to be simply spawned there, and not simply ditched by a player.

While watching my "bait" I hear another vehicle rumble by. I look franticly out the windows without ever spotting it, but it never actually stops, the engine fades into the distance. I go back to my nervous peering out of each window, hoping to ambush someone, particularly one who thinks they found an unattended vehicle outside by the fence. Instead I hear a door open to my right. I turn and there's a player who takes a split second longer than I do to spot the person in front of him. I tap a shot at him, land it, then begin tapping franticly because I cant remember if the gun I'm currently using was set to auto or single. I make a wish, hold down the fire button, and he goes down after I've also taken a few hits (apparently I *had* set it to auto). I cower in the far corner at about 30% health (I had a strong helmet and medium armor vest) and gobble up half my health items (there are several different varieties). I creep up to his body and begin looting.

Just a moment after i finish, another bullet hits me. I turn and spray a completely random burst across 3 walls of the building, then throw open the door and run wildly out into the field, and slide down the side of the steep (but short) hill the place was located on top of, plopping down in some tall grass shadowed under a tree. Somehow I'm not shot at during any of this. I catch my breath and use up another health kit and listen. The playzone is getting very small (I picked a better spot than I realized; it's centering on my position as it shrinks), and I can hear *multiple* firefights breaking out in the distance, from several directions, and I know it's time to get small, which is to say it's time for me to stay right the hell where I am and not move, just let my senses feed me information and look for opportunities.

An opportunity presents itself; someone up on the hill I vacated about 30 seconds ago is firing at someone other than me. I quietly turn around (while still laying flat in the shadowed grass), look up, and lob a grenade up onto the hill where it disappears from sight. Fortunately, grenades don't seem to do much to give away your position, aside from a tiny *clink* as you pop the pin. BLAM! Nailed him. The playzone is shrinking again, and now I *do* have to move. But I also have to not be seen, so I start crawling what is thankfully only about 20 feet to the new zone. It's shrinking much more often now, but much less distance each time. Again I hear/spot someone up the gentle slope (I've crawled away from the actual hill by now), firing at someone on the other side of me about 100 feet away by some trees. I repeat the previous plan, with the same result. Neat. The zone shrinks again. There's only 3 people left. I'm losing health outside the new zone and I *NEED* to run to get there quickly. I know its a big risk but I have no choice so I compromise and do a crouch-run and plop down again safely in some grass. WHILE I'm doing that, someone else gets taken out. Thanks for running intereference for me, guy.

I look in the corner of the screen to make sure I'm not imagining things and sure enough, only 2 people left. For a moment I think I have 2 people to deal with, then it hits me: *I'm* one of those two people; it's just me and him! My heart is racing, I'm at about 10% health, and I desperately start burning through about 4 bandages with a blurry inventory screen obscuring my field of view, and that's when I see it: a human-shaped blob, which becomes crystal clear as I furiously cancel the first aid item and dismiss the inventory screen. He's running *across* my field of vision and slightly away from me. He's not facing my direction; he doesn't see me. Tap tap tap tap tap......."WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER"

10/10 Would♥♥♥♥♥♥my pants again.

DISCLAIMER: I recieved this game for free, but was not "otherwise compensated to write this review", as Steam wants to phrase it, so I'm choosing not to tick that box. Rather I was simply gifted it by a friend who wanted me to join him.
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