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** A Fine Surprise**

A remarkable game, easily exceeding my expectations. I was convinced this would be another no-effort reboot like Duke Nukem, but was plesantly surprised only minutes into the campaign. I encountered many memorable, well-portrayed characters (the deaths of some I genuinely regretted) . The gameplay was equally encouraging, with fairly satisfying visuals and sounds backing up most of the weapons (dual-wielding shotguns, while a bit absurd, feels especially punchy, as it should). My only gripe about dual-wielding is that, well, part of it was a bit unwieldy. In particular, you must have two different hot keys to change the left weapon to an alternate fire mode, and the right weapon to an alternate fire mode. In practice, I never found that i needed/wanted 2 identical weapons firing in two different modes. I'm sure it looks good on paper, teasing the possibility of firing a burst of laser-fire at one target, and momentarily turning to send a burst of bullets at another, optimizing your damage in doing so, but in reality I found my brain unable to keep up with that, and I simply relied on an all-or-nothing approach. Other mechanics were unrealistic yet functional under the circumstances. Picking up body armor provided the obvious benefit, but picking up individual helmets and scraps of metal would also provide the same effect in smaller amounts, which works only as long as you dont think about it ( Like these guys did []). An interesting twist also appears somewhat early in the campaign, forcing you to make a difficult decision that the game suggests will have you playing the campaign through a particular timeline, such that the other choice would have had significant effects on the story, though as of this writing I have not yet experienced the other side to that (I fully intend to however). Lastly, perhaps my happiest discovery, easily discerned throughout the campaign but finally confirmed at the end, is that the main character is made to be a *real* hero, and not simply a parody of a hero, ala Duke Nukem. Overall this sealed the deal for me, and made the whole game more enjoyable as a result; knowing that I was experiencing a real story and not just watching a comical exaggeration of patriotism and masculinity.

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