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Hello welcome to my account. I play a variety of games. Check my games to see what games i play recently. Trade offer link
ḎℰѦÐ! Boom (yes i change my name a lot, deal with it)

Puddingkip quotes:
"I once got a kill on a prem player once in mge, thats the height of my tf2 career"

"I only play tf2 drunk so often that I feel like always getting a drink, but its 2pm"

"Zeusjunior is a pussy"

"Jump, I know you're playing like a fucking pussy so you can't jump"

"no-no-no-no you do not deserve"

"I don't deserve less then you"

"If you want to play this aids we can play this aids"

"Fak you, one ACH PEE you fakin dikhed i was gonna merket gerden you!"


"Zeus will win this but he played like a shithead"
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This guide is a bit late, but apart from it being on a site called craft.tf (now long gone) there is no guide for low crafts.

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hamburger crisis Jun 28 @ 9:10pm 
lf sfm maker?
Rover Jun 25 @ 3:51am 
Csgo knife to keys
Slendy S> Sunbeams Bonk Boy Jun 22 @ 5:10am 
Added to sell a csgo knife
Crystal Blue Persuasion Jun 19 @ 9:49pm 
Nice, you were my first comment. Congrats on that pan!~
DragonVestor {Brokering} Jun 13 @ 4:53am 
Congratulations on the pan! :)
Katuen Jun 13 @ 3:01am 
Nice offer, but I wouldn't be confident in selling those unusuals myself, g'luck though