JarateKing (very rusty)
J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King ˙ ͜ʟ˙   Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
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HUD development is hardcore okay
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I Play for ˙ ͜ʟ˙ A esea invite Bloons Tower Defense 5 Team Consisting of me J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King and Penumbra.

more seasons of ugc iron and steel than people on earth

After taking many tests, I have determined that my spirit animal is simultaneously a deer, a fox, a bear, a cat, a tiger, a crow, a dog, and a horse.

I'll often leave my computer on with steam online when I go do something else so if you message me but I don't respond, you can say the full thing and I'll respond when I get back on.


-- Current teams --
SOT9 - UGC HL steel

-- Events history --
SPUF vs SPUD #2 - Team Discussions - demo
Waffle VS Lirik stream match - Team Lirik - demo

-- Awards --
Winner of SPUF vs SPUD #2
Doonies' favorite random person on Steam.
Waffle VS Lirik steam match winner
dzdy's favorite person on sunny's old team when he didn't know it was me asking

-- Mods stuff --
- Released -
Prism Hud - http://teamfortress.tv/thread/21756/prism-hud--clean-tf2
Clean TF2 - http://teamfortress.tv/thread/21756/prism-hud--clean-tf2

- WIP -
osu skin

- To Do -
Cfg functions library
Autohotkey hud integration

-- Cool things I did --
Transparent viewmodels
Scope overlay removal (4 different times :P)
#base customization (shut it wiet i made them first)
closecaption crosshairs
tic tac toe script
lots more

-- Specs --
T-fal avance toaster @ 220 volts
2x4 slices of Warburton wholegrain bread
1000ml jar of seedless strawberry jam
IKEA 12" ceramic plate
Reference design 15cm bread knife
400ml ceramic mug w/ spongebob face
Darjeeling authentic tea bags
2 teaspoons of sugar

-- Peripherals --
[strikeout]Mouse: G500s @ 2000 dpi (sensor +3.3cm from center)[/strikeout]
Mouse: Dell MS111 @ 1000 dpi (sensor +0.0cm from center)
sensitivity 2.3 ; zoom_sensitivity ratio 0.833333
18.1 cm/360 - 7.1"/360
palm grip + wrist movement

Keyboard: Corsair RK65 RGB (red switches)
single key spam = 14-15/s
double key spam = 14-15/s
personal accuracy margin = ~+/-12ms
Currently Offline
My ♥♥♥♥
Clean TF2 - dl [www.teamfortress.tv] direct dl [www.dropbox.com] dan's ver [www.dropbox.com] screenies [imgur.com]

Prism HUD - dl [www.teamfortress.tv] alt [huds.tf] direct dl [github.com] screenies [imgur.com]

Carrot HUD - dl [huds.tf] direct dl [github.com] screenies [imgur.com]

Magnum HUD - dl [huds.tf] thread [www.teamfortress.tv]

Transparent viewmodels: http://www.teamfortress.tv/21928/transparent-viewmodels-in-any-hud
Scope removal: http://www.teamfortress.tv/22021/remove-sniper-scope
Mute everything but hitsounds: http://www.teamfortress.tv/29014/#24

I've done a lot more neat hud tricks and experimental shiz, but those are the what got in threads and not in huds (magnum hud has most other ones). If you're working on something but you've encountered an issue that'd require some crazy solution, or got a trippy hud idea but don't know if it's possible, I'm your man.

I also do some scripting:
scoreboard plus [tf2.gamebanana.com]
tictactoe script [www.dropbox.com]
definitely looking to expand this list
Here's Some Haiku for You...
» While admiring the ✿
» papers, Canada measured ❖
» without feeling fog ¤
» love chairs in money ●
» when lounges work to loiter ❄
» because elbows love ✭
» into the clothing, ღ
» Suzuki and England walk. ❉
» Denmark starts playing. ✬
☠ ScØนt ☠ Sep 19 @ 3:14am 

      🌟 +REPUTATION SIR<333!🌟


Arget Sep 9 @ 11:39am 
Adding you for questions about how to modify a HUD so that in the character select screen it selects Pyro instead of Heavy as the default choice. I've been told you could help.
redux Sep 4 @ 5:05am 
added for hud advice + cleantf2 question
CesarFever Jul 6 @ 1:19am 
are you going to fix cleantf2plus? i really want it to work pleaaaase:(
Soulless Jun 30 @ 12:50am 
add me for a quick talk, i have an offer, i couldnt add you for some reason...