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Ugc plat and invite are for noobs. :vanilla:
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I am totally not a troll.
2d girls are more attractive. Even deformed 2d girls are attractive (like Hanako from Katawa Shoujo), but there is only a small amount of women who are attractive without makeup.

2d girls have perfect proportions and aren't fat, the majority of 3d girls are fat and have bad proportions.

2d girls are not shallow and have loyalty, 2d girls will accept an ugly short male but 3d girls won't, and if a 3d girl did, she would cheat on him the moment someone who isn't ugly and short showed interest in her.

2d girls are usually virgins, but 3d girls have often had 10 partners at least by their mid-20s. Usually, even more than that, too, because they spend their youth having sex with as many attractive males as possible ("exploring their sexuality").

2d girls have perfect personalities. They don't lie, and they are kind, understanding, caring, etc. 3d girls lie often and are not kind, understanding, or caring.

2d girls don't see relationships pragmatically like 3d girls. To a 3d female, relationships are a way to better their lives. Dating a very high tall guy will get them status so that they will date one just for that reason. Dating a rich guy will get them easy money so that they will date one just for that reason. Most 3d girls see men as tools to better their lives, and if you no longer serve the purpose you had when she got in a relationship with you, you will be replaced with someone else. 2d girls aren't like this.

2d girls dress and act better. 3d girls think dressing in as little clothes as possible is desirable when really, it looks terrible and very generic since nearly every 3d girl dresses the same way. 2d girls also do not complain just about the sake of complaining and act better (less swearing, less drunk, etc.)

2d girls look more unique. All hair colors and eye colors are common with 2d girls making them have more unique appearances. Most 3d girls look very similar, especially if they are from the same race.

2d girls have interests like reading, chess, art, etc. Most 3d girls do not. They're "hobbies" are talking a lot and using social media.

2d girls are funny, 3d girls aren't.

2d girls age well, 3d girls don't.

2d girls are objectively better than 3d girls, both appearance and personality-wise. The only con to them is you can't talk to them or touch them. :vanilla:
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