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Even better than exposure

Earn over 2000 credits through commissions and the marketplace
Unlocked Feb 10 @ 4:46am

So, am I real artist now?

Complete a total of 10 commissions
Unlocked Feb 21 @ 12:32pm

That's a lot of paint

Paint 1km of strokes with your brushes
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 5:49pm

One should follow their instincts

You really wanted to do that, didn't you?
Unlocked Feb 21 @ 11:41am

I got you!

Get your hands on the gift
Unlocked Feb 4 @ 4:40pm

So, it can blow up

Make a spray can blow up


Buy a least 15 items from the shop

It wasn't me, I swear!

Break an electronic device

Who needs filters

Take a picture with a broken camera

I have no limit

Paint on an unconventional canvas

A painting for a gift

Get your first gift reward

A perfect shot, really

Take your first photo

Brushes are overrated anyway

Throw a full bucket of paint