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Közzétéve: 2017. nov. 22., 14:25

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Are you scared of being left to your own devices?
Are you scared of large bodies of water?
Are you scared for the unknown?

If any of these questions is answered with a yes, than this game is for you. There is absolutely no reason to be afraid in this game. The beautiful corals of the shallows is a perfect place to stay. Just stay in your lifepod and don't go too far away from it.

11/10. Not gonna dive in my life now
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7 megjegyzés
ShyGalaxy 2018. jan. 25., 10:01 
i feel you nich the cat
MagicCookie 2018. jan. 17., 9:59 
@Team Vladof Reminds me of that scene from 'Finding Nemo'
StormWolf 2017. dec. 22., 12:09 
i don't have this game on my steam account but i play it alot on my brother's steam account and i really really like this game and im gonna get it this winter.
but this comment was funny cos its so not me I hate being in the damn little lifepod and never scared of being left to my own devices and i love the unknown. P.S i like playing with reaper leviathan. its in my name :)
Costy 2017. nov. 28., 8:43 
Don't get out of the pod at all
Nich the Cat 2017. nov. 28., 3:10 
I thought I would feel safer once I have a Cyclops...but im just more scared...
Team Vladof 2017. nov. 26., 16:55 
"Oh man.. look at this cute little fish! I'm gonna get you! I'm gonna get ... I'm... (looks around) where did the bottom of the ocean go?! Where am I?! OH GOD WHAT'S THAT NOISE?!"
Jimbo Slim 2017. nov. 22., 15:13 
Your life has taken a dive for the good it seems. Jamp's gonna splash into a wet n' wild adventure it seems.