Jakub Mańczak   Poznan, Poland
Alias: jamesen / kubek

Additional Information
Although this account was created in 2014, I've been playing TF2 on a different account since around 2012. That account is now long forgotten and I am now unable to recover it, nor really even identify which one it would be.

I reset my Team Fortress 2 stats & achievements a few times, which is why the specific class playtime & stats are so low when compared to the overall playtime.

I have an alternative account I log onto rarely. Link!

If you're a scammer trying to pull off the good old "i reported you accidentally", "i want you to promote your website" or the "you have duped items im from valve", fuck off. I won't fall for it.

I have a list of games I never want to touch. Notable entries include Fortnite and Overwatch.

My Incomplete List Of Accomplishments
- Be a jackass
- Beat TF2's Wave 666
- Reach Master Guardian in CS:GO
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Workshop Showcase
Welcome to New Potato!
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This is a remake of Uncle & Grandpa Potato's Old Potato map.
It's also the first map that I've worked on for more that 30 minutes.
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15 ratings
Created by - sans and qba02
Screenshot Showcase
Engineer concert.

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