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Jimmu is recorded as Japan's first ruler in two early chronicles, Kojiki (712) and Nihon Shoki (721).[3] Nihon Shoki gives the dates of his reign as 660 - 585 BC.[3] In the reign of Emperor Kanmu (737–806),[4] Ōmi no Mifune designated rulers before Ōjin as tennō (天皇?, "heavenly sovereign"), a Japanese pendant to the Chinese imperial title Tiān-dì (天帝). Prior to this time, these rulers had been known as sumera no mikoto/ōkimi. This practice had begun under Empress Suiko, and took root after the Taika Reforms with the ascendancy of the Nakatomi clan.[5] Jimmu's name, like those of several other legendary emperors, can also be found among the ruler names of the Korean kingdom of Silla, most likely sharing a common Chinese source name.[6]

According to the legendary account in the Kojiki, Emperor Jimmu was born on February 13, 711 BCE (the first day of the first month of the Chinese calendar), and died, again according to legend, on March 11, 585 BCE (both dates according to the lunisolar traditional Japanese calendar).

Both the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki give Jimmu's name as Kamu-yamato Iware-biko no-mikoto (神倭伊波礼琵古命/神日本磐余彦尊?).[7] Iware indicates a toponym whose precise purport is unclear.

The Imperial House of Japan traditionally based its claim to the throne on its putative descent from the sun-goddess Amaterasu via Jimmu's great grandfather Ninigi.[8]
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