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yes these are my cats
thanks for the starter pack mark [i.imgur.com]
stay toxic babes [gyazo.com]
"With such a sky to lead him on and they should keep who can and the bomb will blow."
used to be good at video games not anymore though
"do they speak mexican in iraq"

"kill yourself tryhard" - philly 2015

"11:04 PM - .sleepy: youre so cute dwaine :3" somegirl-2016
F3RAL : lol jangler you're so fucking obvious

Halo 2 and Halo 3 are infact best.

Question: "what elements are not found on this planet? How will this affect the colony and how will any missing necessary elements be replaced?"
Answer: " light. And now must be able to create light. and search for a new way!"
^ some kid in my class

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big cutie Jul 3 @ 4:03pm 
i may be flat chested but my heart is big
Blen May 19 @ 11:03am 
I’m so pissed at my dumbass fucking teacher. The stupid bitch ended up taking my juul because I was charging it at the school computer. Anyways, I haven’t juuled since 4th period and I don’t think I’m getting that juul back, so can I get a hit of yours? Dude c’mon I’m only gonna take one hit please. No I’m not addicted I can stop whenever I want bro. Let me fucking hit your juul. Dude what the fuck. I have like 3 more pods in my bag I can just use one of those if you give me your juul. Please bro just give me your juul.
big cutie Apr 1 @ 2:47pm 
happy easter
big cutie Mar 27 @ 1:45pm 
shh ok i may have messed up LOL
big cutie Mar 27 @ 1:42pm 
a fucking pro in the womb god damn
big cutie Mar 27 @ 1:35pm 
im about to candyman ur ass fkn bET