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Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:05pm

The first fruit

You've got your first fruit.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 12:08am

The first mushroom

Mushrooms appear on dead branches.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:22pm

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit which often produces hallucinations.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:07pm

Your first winter

When winter comes, some branches will fade.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:44pm

The first bud

Do you know some plants can be grafted?
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:14pm

Skill of scissors

Cutting off extra branches can make the tree look better, but it requires some skills.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:19pm

3 Years achivement

The tree has the strongest vitality in the beginning of the 3 years, and the change is also the largest.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 9:59pm

Longevity achievement

Trees older than 3 years may develop some diseases as they age. Black branches are signs. Cutting them or taking some nutrients may help.
Unlocked Nov 22 @ 12:10am

Tree heritage

When the life of the tree is over, mushrooms grow on top of his body. Some mushrooms are very rare and they are the ultimate gift of the tree.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:05pm

Rat Year

'Rat Year' is the first year of your tree's life.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:19pm

Cow Year

'Cow Year' is the second year of your tree's life.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:26pm

Tiger Year

'Tiger Year' is the 3th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 8:55pm

Rabbit Year

'Rabbit Year' is the 4th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 9:08pm

Dragon Year

'Dragon Year' is the 5th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 9:19pm

Python Year

'Python Year' is the 6th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 9:29pm

Horse Year

'Horse Year' is the 7th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 9:41pm

Sheep Year

'Sheep Year' is the 8th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 9:59pm

Monkey Year

'Monkey Year' is the 9th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 10:08pm

Chicken Year

'Chicken Year' is the 10th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 10:19pm

Dog Year

'Dog Year' is the 11th year.
Unlocked Nov 18 @ 10:28pm

Pig Year

'Pig Year' is the 12th year, the last year.