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Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 17 @ 4:21pm

The Foothills

Complete episode 1
Unlocked May 8 @ 4:36pm

Go Away

Find a "You aren't supposed to be here go away" sign

Only the Beginning

Complete all three episodes

The Facilities

Complete episode 2

The Nameless City

Complete episode 3


Earn the 'Pacifist' award


Earn the 'Completionist' award


Earn the 'Untouchable' award

Low Tech

Earn the 'Low Tech" award

True 100%

Earn the 'Completionist' award in every level

Gotta Go Fast

Beat par time in a level

Don't Drop It

Pick up a bar of soap in each level

5 Survived

Get past wave 5 in Endless Mode

10 Survived

Get past wave 10 in Endless Mode

20 Survived

Get past wave 20 in Endless Mode

Frag your Friends

Open Duskworld


Watch the credits to the end

Not Even Remotely Fair

Beat a level on 'Duskmare'

So I Hear You Like...

Reach E3MS

Hardcore Parkour

Reach E2MS


Reach E1MS


Use cheats


Kill Intoxigator while intoxicated


Telefrag the Guardian

Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole!

Neutralize Chomper

Spin 2 Win

Kill an enemy by spinning your weapons

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