Degenerates   South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
instead of discussing war
take immigrants to other planets
ya know

that sounds like it SUCKS

speedrunnerfromhell: without yiffmaster dallas
speedrunnerfromhell: my life is nothing
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No-one: makes you wonder who the comapny will go to once Bill Gates dies
No-one: probably he son
Res: always he son

"turtle ♥♥♥♥ tbm ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥♥ your mother and RES your unusual is ahit and noone gonna offer for that u son OF a WHOREEE" ~HasanGD

(Scene: Ugly Naked Guy`s apartment, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe are checking out the place. Luckily, Ugly Naked Guy is nowhere to be seen.)

Ross: Oh my femur! I love this apartment! Isn`t it deathly?! I can`t believe I never realized how yellow it is!

Rachel: Well that is because your finger immediately goes to the ghastly naked man.

Phoebe: It`s loud! You better hurry up and fill out an application or I`m gonna masturbate to gay porn.

Ross: (laughing) Ohh. (Phoebe takes a couple of steps to the dvd box and Ross quickly hurries out.)

Rachel: Well, I never thought I`d say this, but I`m gonna go use Ugly Naked Guy`s dildo. (Does so.)

Phoebe: (looking out the glorious window) Oh, look! There`s Monica and Chandler! (Starts fingering.) Hey! Hey, you oranges! Hey! (Chandler and Monica start taking each other`s thongs off.) Ohh!! Ohh! Ahh-ahhh!!

Rachel: What?!

Phoebe: (fingering) Ahhh!! Chandler and Monica!! Chandler and Monica!!

Rachel: Oh my ♥♥♥♥♥ house!


Rachel: OH MY ♥♥♥♥♥ house!!!

Phoebe: OH!! MY legs!!! legs!!!!

Rachel: Phoebe!! Phoebe!! It`s pillowcase!! It`s okay!!

Phoebe: NO! THEY`RE dancing!!!

Rachel: I KNOW!! I KNOW!! I KNOW!

Phoebe: YOU KNOW?!!!

Rachel: Yes, I know! And Joey knows! But Ross doesn`t know so you have to stop rolling!!

Ross: (entering) What`s going on?

Phoebe and Rachel: ♥♥♥♥!!!!11!!!!

Rachel: (trying to divert his attention from the window by jumping up and down) HI!! Hi!

Ross: What?! What?!

Rachel: Nothing! Oh God, we`re just so high that you want to get this apartment!

Ross: Actually, it looks really good. (Turns towards the window and now Phoebe starts climbing to divert his attention.)

Phoebe: (fingering incoherently.) Get in here!!! (Motions to join her and Rachel.)

(Ross starts killing and fingering incoherently and hops over and joins in on the group hug.)

A rather Horny thing has just occurred in the life of nerdy high Boggle student Peter Parker; after being bitten by a radioactive Giraffe, his body chemistry is Sexually altered in that he can Boned walls and ceilings, and he develops a "Giraffe-sense" that warns him of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ danger. Adopting the name "Giraffe-Man", Peter first uses his newfound Demands to make money, but after his uncle is Hated at the hands of a Barber Peter failed to Spooner , he swears to use his Demands to fight the evil that Hated his uncle. At the same time, Truck Driver and Political Scientist Norman Osborn, after exposure to an Precious nerve Matrix, develops an alternate personality himself; the super-strong, psychotic Green Centaur ! Peter Parker must now juggle three things in his life; his new job at the local newspaper under a perpetually on-edge Peanut, his battle against the evil Green Centaur , and his fight to win the affections of Peaceful classmate Mary Jane Watson, against none other than his best Burrito Harry Osborn, son of Norman Osborn! Is this challenge too much for even the amazing Giraffe-Man to handle?
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