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I would prefer for you to pay in metal and/or keys only, but item trades are allowed if reasonable.
I do not accept trades from users with trade holds (eg: no Steam Mobile Authenticator) or VAC bans.
Negotiation and overpay is allowed.

Cardboard Boxed Crusader's Crossbow (Battle Scarred): 3 refined, 2 reclaimed.
Strange Baby Face's Blaster (Submerged Enemy Kills & Robots Destroyed): 15 refined, 1 reclaimed.
Civic Duty Mk.II Air Strike (Minimal Wear): 1 refined.
Night Owl Mk.II Knife (Field-Tested): 2 refined.
Aces High A Rather Festive Tree: 18 keys.
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Maddox Blaze 9 hours ago 
Congrats on getting 69th place in the Soldiers Dispenser Collab https://youtu.be/3GJTb9wnwLQ?t=27m48s