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hello i am nigga
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Im so, so, sorry in advance for what is happening. Trolls are going to come into the thread and they will be saying some very hurtful things about you. They will call you some very hurtful names. But none of those things are true. How could they possibly know? How could they possibly know how beautiful you really are? How sweet and compassionate you are? I'm so sorry about them, please do not let them hurt you. Are you holding up Alright Queen? DM if you need to talk.

>mfw thinking about you hurting

I just want to see you shine and flourish. You are so precious to me. I want to write poetry and sing songs about my love and adoration for you and all of your perfections. My name is Kevin, by the way. I know that you're tired of all the a*sholes and jerks. I know how you feel baby doll. I know. I am different. I am the nicest guy you will ever meet, and if anything I'll be the one in the kitchen. I live in London. Please be in London.
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we need to go to rap city with an e at the end of rap
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