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G-man[Hλ3] 58 minutes ago 
Hello again... I want to ask you if you can make a PM out of allready made models by https://steamcommunity.com/id/NemezCmB who gave me permission to use them.

Here is the link to an addon from where i want the PMs to be made:

How much will it cost?
Validator 3 hours ago 
I already tried to friend you, but when I saw your description say chat in comment section first I unfriended you. Now it won't let me send a new request haha
Validator 3 hours ago 
Do you wanna take this into dm's, and we can unfriend later perhaps if you're trying to keep you friends list tidy?

They are .mdl files. Well, it decompiles into smd's... I import them into blender, and try to export as dmx, but I always hit the cap on facial flexes.
jqueary 3 hours ago 
What format are the model files
jqueary 3 hours ago 
I don't know then, maybe the decompiler broke something
Validator 5 hours ago 
I've been using SFM's studiomdl, through Crowbar. I've tried compiling with notepad++ and a few other things, but the commonality is SFM's studiomdl.