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Hello people!
Hello friends my name is j and today you are reading my steam profile for some reason
Any questions about should be addressed towards the support page on the site or our discord linked above, I communicate through discord more anyway (add me, coldplay#0001)

(updated October 12, 2020)

Nothing in my steam account is currently for sale, nor will it be unless I happen to list something on my shop [].

I collect the Arcana effect in Team Fortress 2 since buying many of them in April 2019.
Although I don't buy much anymore (and many of my collected items have since left my backpack), I still buy from time to time. I only buy 1 of 1s.

My collection is here:

I've unboxed a few unusuals: - Abyssal Aura Rotation Sensation - Purple Energy Head Prize - Mystical Medley A Hat to Kill For - Abyssal Aura Well Wrapped Hat - Morning Glory Platinum Pickelhaube - Wicked Wood Patriot Peak
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Best arcana ever.
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Annawoo 19 hours ago 
Cool hats, even doper personality, very fun to play with!
MeanMalcolm Oct 25 @ 12:11am 
Thanks for the good luck on my gentlemanne's tradeup. I hope I get High Roller's Medi Gun or High Roller's Submachine Gun this time. :2017eyeball:
Paγback Oct 24 @ 12:13pm 
he sold it on marketplace for $637
Sheriff Azazel Oct 24 @ 12:03pm 
did you have him added beforehand or how did you get into contact? I tried for a week and a half.
Paγback Oct 24 @ 12:00pm 
Sheriff Azazel Oct 24 @ 10:58am 
did you buy that hound dog off of Ṷ₽₴₸₳₡₡‹?