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I'm an arcana collector.
To be more precise, I collect clean, non-robo arcana hats.

If you happen to own any of these hats, add me and we can chat about a price.

Arcana Flipped Trilby (will pay 400 keys)
Arcana Sergeant Drill Hat (will pay 600 keys)
Arcana Flamboyant Flamenco (will pay 600 keys)
Arcana Stovepipe (will pay 300 keys)
Arcana Texas Ten-Gallon (will pay 350 keys)
Arcana Vintage Tyrolean (will pay 450 keys)

Arcanas owned: 22.

1. Firewall Helmet
2. Birdcage
3. Madame Dixie
4. Bolted Bicorne
5. Bonk Helm
6. Letch LED
7. Big Country
8. Battle Boonie
9. One-Man Army
10. Familiar Fezs
11. Gentleman Ushanka
12. Buccaneer's Bicorne
13. Your Worst Nightmare
14. Grenadier Softcap
15. Front Runner
16. Rebel Rouser
17. Detective Noir
18. Pithy Professional
19. Strange Anger
20. Strange Fat Man Field Cap
21. Western Wear
22. Strange Bonk Boy