Kanagawa, Japan
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Competitive TF2 player. I play for Signatured. (snr.)
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Salmon Dudes
Current Signatured.

========AFC ( asiafortress [asiafortress.com]) History=========
Cup 12 Division 3 Pocket Soldier 6th Place (Signatured.)
Cup 13 Division 3 Roamer Soldier 5th Place (Toucans')
Cup 14 Division 3 Roamer Soldier TBD (Signatured.)

========UGC Highlander UGC [www.ugcleague.com]========

(Asia) Season 23 French Potatoe 6 Soldier 14th Place
(Asia) Season 24 Ayam Penyet HL Soldier 5th Place

=========Trading Related Stuff=======

:csgox: Don't add me without commenting
:csgox: Don't attempt to scam. Anything I deem fishy, I will just straight up block you. Saving both of our time. :).
:csgox: Have an open backpack and steam profile. Auto blocked if not.

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Warframe when
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I'm intrested in you :heart_eyes:
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i'm interested in the circling hearts bombing run
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